long time no see

hey guys itsa me ashley (if any of you even remember me omg)

looking through this all is nostalgic and it makes me want to update you all who i am as a person now and shit

first off, im not a girl anymore! i do not identify as female. i go by they/them pronouns now so please respect that.

im 15 now. its weird how people age am i right

i have a lot of mental health problems but hey im still alright

im really into feminism and social justice and id like to believe ive become a better person in the years ive been away from this website

i still love anime and manga bc im weeaboo trash

i hope you are all doing well and are happy! i love you all, even if we're strangers!!

come talk to me on tumblr if you want!! my url is shinjiwiki !!

okay thats it for me, see you guys again in a few years when i feel nostalgic again ahahahahahaaaaa