Let Me Help You

Sousuke has had a bad day and Kaname makes an attempt to cheer him up. Just a really REALLY short ficlet inspired by my Paper Cut fanart.

Kaname quietly watched as Sosuke aggressively rummaged through the papers on his desk. They had come to class early that day to give Sosuke some extra time to catch up on the work he missed over the passed two days after getting called out to the de Danaan unexpectedly. She glanced over at the clock, noting that there was still an hour until class started and a good half an hour until any people showed up.
She shifted her attention back to Sosuke, who was now scribbling something down on his paper, his head resting in the palm of his other hand. He was frustrated, and honestly, she couldn’t blame him, the past few days had just been really shitty. According to him, his time spent at the de Danaan had been a waste of effort tracking down a new terrorist group with nothing more than a couple of rumors and not a single lead. By the time he returned home, the only thing he gained from it was extra homework.
A sudden movement snapped Kaname out of her thoughts when Sosuke’s shoulder flinch slightly followed by an irritated groan. He stopped flipping frantically through his notebook and just stared, looking defeated, at his right index finger where a small bead of blood began to form in a tiny cut left by one of his notebook papers.
Wow, the great Sergeant Sagara bested by a piece of paper. She giggled inwardly at the thought and scooted her seat closer, taking a hold of his injured hand. The soldier was taken off guard by her sudden touch and stared at Kaname in surprise. She just smiled back at him and soon the look of surprise morphed into utter shock as she brought the finger up to her lips. She felt his arm tense at the gentle contact, sweat beading around his temples.
As she lowered his hand, she stared straight into his grey eyes with a warm smile on her face. “If you’re having trouble, let me help you,” she said in a soft, soothing tone.
“Ro-roger!” he stuttered and snapped to attention. Kaname just giggled and playfully ruffled his hair before moving her desk over to sit next to his where she tutored him until class started.