Kamina Facts

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Random Facts about Kamina, in no particular order...

  • Kamina does not punch enemies; they hit his fist with their face themselves out of fear.
  • Kamina can kick a Rubik’s Cube and make it land solved.
  • Kamina’s glasses are made to control his manliness. Removing it would impregnate everyone within a five-mile radius – including the men.
  • Kamina’s speech can turn women to men.
  • When Kamina speaks, you hear his voice loud and clear because the air gets out of the way.
  • Kamina does not need to catch all the pokemons, they throw themselves at him.
  • There is no day or night for Kamina, just the time when the sun or the moon is hiding from him.
  • Believing in Kamina can grant you superpowers. Believe it!
  • When Kamina belched in Hiroshima one day, it destroyed the city; thus the idea for the Atomic Bomb.
  • Japan’s unit of measure for awesomeness is the Kamina. It will soon be a universal measure.
  • If you are wondering how much energy it would take to power a mecha, you need at least one Kamina.
  • What happened in Episode 8 was Kamina’s choice to limit his own awesomeness.

Note: #3 was stolen from Aceburner which, if I remember, he mentioned it in the chats.