Long Post May Be Long

Umm... hi. It's been a while since I was here last, hasn't it? Nearly two years in fact... I'm such a bad person.

So what has happened in two years? So much. As you would expect.

First things first. I no longer work for Tesco. I actually fell for one of my managers there, who was kind of leading me on, and then it turned out he didn't feel the same. Awkward. Anyway, shortly after he left my store to go to another store, I ended up leaving Tesco completely, as I had a store manager who hated me and vice versa. Anyway, he and his sidekick put me down for some overtime that I didn't agree to, and therefore didn't turn up to, and he gave me an informal discussion and investigation, disciplinary and shit. He hated me that much.

Anyway, dippy here decided to rant about it on a social networking site. Which this manager managed to see because he was best buddies with someone on my friends list, and they'd been spying on me. Anyway, I ended up getting suspended, and then before they could sack me, I quit.

After I quit Tesco (just after Christmas in 2010. Great timing. Not), I went to Ireland to see my internet friend, Ellen, just like I said I would :D It was the first time I'd ever been on an aeroplane, and I was going on my own. But luckily, I loved flying. Anyway, Ellen and I went to Galway, to an animé convention there. It was pretty good. It was huge, but it had way more people than we both expected it to be, and turned out to be a lot of fun.

Once I came home, the job hunting began. I ended up being out of work for five months before I eventually got a job as a waitress at a hotel (which I've also quit - I'll come to that, though).

So yes, a few days after I got back from Ireland, I got a drunk text from an ex co-worker and friend from Tesco. In the middle of the night. Telling me that his friend, Dave, quite liked me. I already knew Dave, and knew that he was pretty good-looking, and very nice :) Anyway, Dave and I ended up going for a drink... and now here we are, almost a year on, happily in love :) So I may have been going through a rough patch, being unemployed and all, but it was okay, because I had my Dave. He's my world <3

So yes, I did get a job at a hotel because I was so desperate to get back into work. I'm not one of these workshy youngsters you see on the Jeremy Kyle Show. It was the worst mistake of my life, though. I thought I hated Tesco. I actually quite liked Tesco compared to this place. It made me miserable, and I dreaded going to work every day. In the end, the boss and the supervisor waitress ended up taking the piss so much (they were leaving me to serve 40-50 people for breakfast over weekends ON MY OWN because they had important things to go to) that I couldn't handle it anymore. I finished my breakfast shift on Saturday the 10th of September last year, and I was due to go back in for a dinner shift, but I phoned up at about 1pm and told them that I wasn't going in anymore, and that I quit.

You might be sitting there thinking, "but people would give anything to be in a job, and you threw one away". You didn't work there. You'd actually do the same. It was that bad.

Anyway, one of my ex managers from Tesco (one that I actually got on with, hahaha) had given me an interview for a company called Toolstation the day before I quit the hotel. So I walked out of that hotel pretty much knowing I had a guaranteed job at Toolstation with my ex manager. So yeah, I got that job, and I'm still there now. I got promoted after a week, as I picked everything up pretty quickly and easily. I can honestly say I'm happy in this job. Sure, there are things that irk me, but I don't dread going to work every day like I used to.

So... what else... both the Christmases that have gone by since I last came on here have been pretty good. Christmas 2010 I spent with my family at my Great-Gran's house. Christmas 2011 I spent with Dave, his Mum, her boyfriend, her boyfriend's Auntie, and her boyfriend's son. It was pretty cool :) Dave was the best boyfriend EVER and spent A LOT of money on a pink Bon Jovi hoodie from the Bon Jovi website for me. The hoodie itself cost $100, and then postage and packaging was about $30-odd, and when it eventually got into England (it took three weeks to get here :| ) Dave then had to pay another £15 for it. Insane. But I love it.

Erm... birthday... yes. I celebrated my 21st birthday in 2010 in style. Ish. I went out three times. I had a meal with my family, because it was also my Dad's 40th birthday. Then I went out partying, but the night was a bit bad from what I can remember. And I can only remember this because a friend and I decided to go out again to celebrate it properly. I don't remember much of that last night, either. I do remember losing my phone, and then a nice guy found it in a club and phoned my friend to organise picking it up. Bless.

My 22nd... wasn't as good. It was fine for me because I was with Dave, and that was all I really wanted. We still went out partying, but all the drinks were pants, and Jen (Dave's friend) ended up crying and being attention-seeking, and we had to walk her home -.-

Dave just celebrated his 24th birthday this weekend gone, actually. It was good. We went bowling with two of his cousins, Jen, Dale (the guy who got us together) and Amberley (Dale's other half, who is also my cousin), and then went to the pub after. Where Jen promptly turned into attention-seeking mode, and was moaning about her life. It really pissed me off, actually. But ho hum.

So yeah... that has been my life. Quite a lot has happened, I guess xD I think my life has finally been going somewhere since I got out of Tesco, which can only be a good thing.

Anyway... I think that's about it. I'll try not to leave it too long next time, LOL!