Oh God.

Firstly, I apologise. I know I said I wasn't going to post on Friday, but it turned out that things are so hectic at work, that I just haven't had time to post since last Thursday. I have spammed Facebook a bit, though.

Anyway. Work. Yes. Where oh where to begin? I think I'll start with the numerous people that are off sick. First, it was Carol. She's off because she's bruised her side, broken a rib and somehow damaged her spleen.

How did she do all of that?
She tripped over a wheelie bin.
I shit you not.
No one knows HOW she managed to fall over a wheelie bin, which just happens to be the same size of her... but we have all been laughing about it something chronic.
The Wheelie Bin of Terror.
That is what we have named it.

Next is Susan. Who was asked by our Bossman, Dan, to clean some shelves. This required her getting up on the stool, as she is lacking in height. Anyway, Susan doesn't like cleaning. She put one foot up onto the stool, then squealed like a pig, shouting, "ahhh! My foot!"
Apparently, she's torn a ligament in her foot.
Fair enough if she has, but... she only had one foot up on the stool?
And wasn't moving?
Anyway, we've named the stool, too.
The Kickstool Of Doom.

Next is Sam... she's apparently hurt her back. But was heard last week saying, "I'm fed up of being left on till on my own. I might throw a sickie."

Do you see the sort of people I have to work with?

Moving on before I explode.

You know I said I have the biggest crush on someone? Someone who I happen to work with? Well, his name is Ryan. He is like... just lovely X_X He's a proper gentleman, and you don't find many of those today. He holds the door open for the girls, lets them pass first, always says please and thank you... it's just unbelievable.

And he's insanely fit.

He also happens to be a wee bit younger than me. I'm 20, and he's 19. But I'm only older than him by... 8 or 9 months. It's not that much, really.

I also work with someone named Dale (you might remember all of these people, but I'll 'introduce' them again). He is odd, about 32 years old, and just... I'm sure he knows something I don't.

You know when you like someone, you always seem to just KNOW nothing will EVER happen between you and them?
I'm not getting that with Ryan.
Seriously. Normally, every time I fancy someone, I just know nothing will happen. But with Ryan... I just have this ever so slight feeling that there might be a chance with him. But it's only a tiny feeling.

Moving on.
Last night, things were said. Things that made that little feeling of mine grow a little bit bigger. Just slightly.

There is this Polish girl. She's about 15, and comes into the shop A LOT to buy things.
The reason?
She fancies the pants off Ryan, just like me =D
She has no chance.

She came in last night, and asked Dale when Ryan was in. Dale told her that Ryan had finished for the day, and so she asked when he would be in next.
Dale didn't know. So he asked me.

I said that Ryan isn't in today (because he isn't), but I don't know when he's next in (I do now, though - tomorrow night ;D). And then I said, "I'm not his keeper".

And Dale said, "well, I thought you of all people would know."
The Polish girl giggled.
I was left thinking, "WHAT WAS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!"

Anyway, the Polish girl left (I'm going to have to find out her name or something - calling her 'The Polish girl' makes me feel mean =|), and I said to Dale, "it's funny... she really does fancy Ryan."

Dale said, "yeah, he knows, too. He finds it funny and just takes the piss out of it."

I said, "it's scary though, she's bordering on stalking him. And it's be like cradle-snatching, anyway."

Dale said, "yeah, that's pretty much what Ryan said... and anyway, I think he likes girls around his age... or just a little bit older than him..."

Then my brain really was on overdrive. Saying stuff like that to me, just makes me overthink things BADLY.

Later, I got into another conversation with Dale, about how blokes don't really show it when they like a girl. He then said, "put it this way, if a bloke likes you... ah wait, I can't say that, or it'll be really obvious..."

I actually said to him, "what do you know that I don't?" with a squinty face. He claimed innocence and said he knows nothing. He lies. I know it.

Oh shit.
I've forgotten what happened even later.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, a old male customer came in, and as I talked to him, and he talked to me when I served him, he stared at my breasts. Like, throughout the entire time I served him. I later complained to Julie about it, and she told Ryan, who kind of went a bit mad and threatened to ban the bloke.

Anyway, I told Dale about it last night, because it tied into a conversation about blokes not noticing me, and Dale said, "he threatened to ban the bloke for looking at your boobs...? Can that be done?"

And I said, "yeah, of course it can."

Dale said, "maybe Ryan likes you more than you think he does..."

And I said, "nah, Ryan was just doing his job."

Dale said, "oh my God, Emma. You are so stupid. Not in a nasty way. But you know what I mean."

I was like... what... the... fuck?

So after last night, I'm pretty sure Dale knows something I don't, and it's made my little feeling of hope get a bit bigger.

But if Ryan did ever like me... he'd have to come and ask me out. I could never ask him out. After years and years of rejection, I've lost all confidence, haha. Not once has a bloke said yes to me. (Except Martin, the really hot foregin guy from a few years ago - but even he asked me out first).

(Oh, Martin the hot foreign guy is back, by the way. He texted me, but I didn't reply. I'm not interested in him anymore, and he was gone longer than he said he would be =P)

So. Yes.

I don't know how to end this, because my brain has just gone into overdrive again.

Ah well.

Anyway, I might not post again until next week or something. I've got my friend from Ireland visiting from Sunday to Wednesday. I'm very excited =D She's down in London at the moment, visiting her cousins. But then she's coming to me! She's excited, too.

This will be the first time we've met in person... I 'met' her on fanfiction nearly two years ago. We've spoken nearly every single day since two years ago. We've also spoken to each other properly, over MSN. You know, you can do those calls and stuff. We've spoken through that... and we text each other, too =D It's really exciting. But like she said last night, this is probably the most insane thing either of us has ever done XD Meeting someone from the internet...


Anyway, I will let you know next week how things go with... everything =|