Lazy Day

Well... I only have to work tonight and then I'm free from whinging customers until Tuesday =D How brill is that?

After the shit I got from customers on Sunday, I need a break. I'm not going to go anywhere... I'm just going to lounge about the house and do fuck all.

Well, and I'm going to clean the bathroom. I really have a massive urge to clean the bathroom. Which is insane, because I NEVER want to clean ANYTHING.

And I want to paint it. =|

I will have to buy some bathroom paint. I'll get white for the base colour, because at the moment, our bathroom is a shitty brown colour (I don't know why - it's what the people who lived here before painted it - fucking disgusting if you ask me).

Any ideas on what colour I can paint it afterwards? I know blue would be a good colour, but I don't think my parents would want a blue bathroom... (yes, I'm still living with my parents, and I'm deciding on what colour to paint the bathroom LMAO).

And it can't be pink or purple.

Maybe a light green?

I don't know, because we have, like, old wooden shelves, and a wooden side-panel for the bath and stuff. It's kind of posh-ish (except for the shitty brown paint), so I don't know what colour would go with the wood... hmm...

See, my life is full of such important decisions XD

To be fair, I actually can't wait until I can afford to move out =| I want to do it this year sometime. I actually keep thinking about just LEAVING every day. I think, "I'll leave tonight... definitely..." but then I don't, because I remember that my friend from Ireland is coming over in a week, and I've got other things going on here... *sigh*.

I desperately want to move out, though.

Maybe I get these awful braces off. I'll leave. Yes. Sounds like a plan.

Hmm... what else can I rant about?

Oh, I'm working with Mr. Fitty tonight.

By Mr. Fitty, I mean Ryan. The guy I majorly fancy XD That should be interesting. I will post again tomorrow with any interesting tales from tonight, LOL.

Major news that is of no importance to you guys, really...
But on the egg site, I just finally found my shiny Pokémon T_T

The end.