Hello fellow Otakuisms! I am Emmah, and this is my little world of blogging. I'm not a very normal human being. In fact, sometimes I'm not considered human at all.

I'm a bigger Bon Jovi, Beyblade, Kai, and Tala fan than you. Accept it. LOL.

I LOVE yaoi. I write A LOT of yaoi fanfictions (you can find some on my Beyblade Fanfics world). But I do like to write hetero, funny and friendship fanfictions, too. I'm not just all about the yaoi.

My favourite yaoi pairing EVER is Kai and Tala from Beyblade. They are the best.

I have a love for LOLcats and other LOLthings. They often worm their way into my posts.

I still stick with MyOtaku. I shall never leave it as many have done...

I have a tattoo. It's on my ankle. I also have my ears pierced and my belly button pierced. I have 6 pets:- 2 cats, 2 giant snails, one hamster, and one rabbit. They are all mad.

That's enough useless information. READ AND LAUGH TO YOUR HEART'S CONTENT!


Thanks for your comments (especially you, GoDanceTheSound? Is that your name? LOL - thanks!). I muchly appreciate them.

Well, I thought I'd visit TheO... And I scrolled down to look at the fandom of fanwords... AND TWO OF MY STORIES WERE THERE!


I've just checked the Beyblade section, and they're up there, too!!

I'm soooo happy. I've finally made my mark over here XD They still haven't gotten any comments/reviews, but that's not too much of a problem, because I guess no one could really find them... But now they're actually up on the Beyblade section, more people should find them. Hopefully.

Ha, I put up a load more yesterday. Some of them have a bit more swearing, and er, sexual things in (not like, REALLY sexual - but one mentions something about anal probing LOL. I just hope everyone takes in jokey sense XD). So I won't be too fussed if they don't make it to fandom, but it'll be nice if they do.

So, yes... I'm VEERRRRRRYYY happy right now. Even through my pain (I went to the orthodontist yesterday - and he replaced the wires, took a couple of brackets off, put new ones on, and now my teeth really hurt D= ).

In fact, when I saw that my first two fanfictions I uploaded had made it fandom, I was a bit like this:


Holy Crud

Soooooo, I posted yesterday... And Ms. Anna-Chan and Ms. Zakuro-chan kindly commented (THANKS!)... But I got nothing on the fanfictions =( I must bring back the love of Beyblade!!

Also, what gets me is, that I put the fanfictions as the Beyblade category, and they're not actually showing up in the Beyblade category *shrugs*. Ah well, the most I can do is keep uploading them and hope someone actually stumbles across them XD

I don't actually have a lot to say today...

I'm off to submit some more fanfics =D

My Fanfictions!

Helloooooooo. Sorry I haven't posted for quite some time on here...

Erm... Yeah.

A lot's happened, so for those who never visit on MyO anymore (we miss you, we really do D=): I have a rabbit named Bam, I have two giant snails named Gary and Bryan, and I have a hamster which I bought on Saturday, and he is named Mikey.

I got promoted at work, and then demoted... But I may get re-promoted (I won't go into details - it's too confusing).

I've written 29 fanficions in total, now. Not all of them are Beyblade.

But the ones that ARE for Beyblade, and are rated 'T' or lower, and going to be put up on here, now!! I did have a world for my Beyblade fics before... But I deleted it, and I'm hoping that the new and improved one will be popular!!

It probably won't, but oh well...

Have a picture of Gary the giant snail =) (admittedly, he's not giant yet - he's still a baby XD)

Please check out my fanfictions when they're up. All I ever get on Fanfiction.net is "oooooh this was so awesome". They may be right, but I wanna see if I get some different opinions... Lmao.


Drunkeness On Saturday Take 2

The comments for me over here on TheO still don't work =/ Eh, never mind. I kind of emptied my inbox over here, too.

Yeah, I went out with chums on Saturday. Was fun.

(L-R) Andy, Me, Rosie and Sam.

Fun fun fun. Drunk drunk drunk.

"Cake, Or Death?"

You guys MUST watch this. It;s Eddie Izzard with one of his stand-up jokes. The 'Cake, Or Death' one. He is random. At least I've found something to post over here, though XD Eddie Izzard XD Expect more of him from me.