Hello fellow Otakuisms! I am Emmah, and this is my little world of blogging. I'm not a very normal human being. In fact, sometimes I'm not considered human at all.

I'm a bigger Bon Jovi, Beyblade, Kai, and Tala fan than you. Accept it. LOL.

I LOVE yaoi. I write A LOT of yaoi fanfictions (you can find some on my Beyblade Fanfics world). But I do like to write hetero, funny and friendship fanfictions, too. I'm not just all about the yaoi.

My favourite yaoi pairing EVER is Kai and Tala from Beyblade. They are the best.

I have a love for LOLcats and other LOLthings. They often worm their way into my posts.

I still stick with MyOtaku. I shall never leave it as many have done...

I have a tattoo. It's on my ankle. I also have my ears pierced and my belly button pierced. I have 6 pets:- 2 cats, 2 giant snails, one hamster, and one rabbit. They are all mad.

That's enough useless information. READ AND LAUGH TO YOUR HEART'S CONTENT!


Can someone please tell me what 'schnell' actually means?! I know it's German, but... Eh.

I finished work an hour early today =) I had to go without my hour's break, but, oh well. OH, COCK! I've left my chocolate muffin at work >=( I knew I'd forgotten something!

Anyway... I haven't slept since 10am yesterday. Isn't that bizarre? I tried to sleep last night, but I couldn't. I planned out my Beyblade (what else?!) quiz. I've written out the questions, the answers, and possible results. I just need to find pictures, and put it all together now =)

Yeeeessss... It's all coming together nicely.

I really need to do some fanfiction work, though. Now that I'm feeling much better (with just a little fraction of a cold, and a cough), I think I'm up to writing something =)

I must be off. I need to find pictures.


I'm still super super ill =(

But otherwise... I'm very proud of myself =) I've submitted two wallpapers (craqppy ones, though) and too many e-cards to count in the past week!

Have I got my mojo back?


I'm only doing it because I can't write any fanfictions at the moment. Being ill means that anything I've written is utter rubbish. I've told my reviewers/friends on fanfic.net that I won't be updating anything until I'm at least a bit better.

Luckily, they understand and have said they can wait =) They're so nice. I even got advice off one reviewer on how to make my stories better!! =O That never happens, because my regular reviewers read everything I write and automatically love it. This girl was a new reviewer, and she offered me advice, which I've taken on board and am going to try out! She thought I'd get angry at her and call her mean, but hey, I'm open to opinions on how to make my fics better. She called me a genuinely lovely person. She's fantastic XD

I just went on a rant =O

Erm... I'm trying to find a picture of Tala Valkov (Yuriy Ivanov) from Beyblade in just his underwear. That sounds REALLY perverted, but there's actually a scene in the first series of Beyblade where he emerges from that tank, and he's just in his boxers. That's what I'm looking for, so if anyone stumbles across it, can you send it to me? Lol. I've tried looking, but I can't find it anywhere =/ It'd be even better if it was 350x350 pixels =P Guess what I'm going to be using it for?!

LOL. Toodloo!



I am bringing the love of Beyblade back!! XD Hopefully, anyway!! I gained comments, and someone else posted a Beyblade e-card, too!! Which is faaaaabulous!!

Oh! Oh! Oh! My Beyblade Fanfics world!! Yesterday, when I left the internet, it had exactly 400 views. Today, it has 500-and-something!! =O It's fantastic!!

I am succeeding! Even if I am even more ill than yesterday and the day before =(

I still have work today. Crap.

Right, I'm going to submit that e-card... And then post on MyO... And I'm going to plan yet another wallpaper.

If my brain can handle it, I shall try and make a Beyblade quiz. I once tried to make a quiz (like, 2 years ago when I first joined MyO XD) and I failed. Well, I did the questions, I did the answers, I did the options you could be, AND I did the pictures! And it was still rejected -_-'

Must be off!

Lotsa Updates =D

I'm listening to 'Air Hostess' by Busted. I thought you'd like to know that.

I'm still bunged up with a cold =( It's horrific.

As you can tell - I've been busy. I can't seem to write fanfictions, so I thought I'd use my burst of creativity in other ways. I've submitted two e-cards and a wallpaper *gasp*.

The wallpaper is crap - but I thought the e-cards were quite humourous =P

I have another e-card ready to upload tomorrow. Not today. As:
1) We can only submit three things a day, right?
2) People get annoyed with the amount I update sometimes =P

I do tend to update and submit shit all in one big go. I can't help it. It's these bursts of creativity!

Anyway, I'm off. I have housework to do, and work to get ready for. Toodloo!


I'm super ill =(

On the other hand, I did upload a new fanfic... Yesterday? I dunno. I can't remember XD The weekend was like a blur to me. Thank God it's Monday...

So, on Saturday - I woke up at 4am with a case of the sniffles. I woke my Mother up, and we went to work at 5.30am. Dave was a tad late, and so three his keys at me as he was driving past the shop (Ok, not literally - he stopped and handed them to me XD). So, I opened the shop! Wooo! First time for a while XD

So, we worked... And worked... And it got to 2.30pm, and I was off. I ran into the toilet and got changed into normal clothes, lmao.

Dave came along and he looked at me and he went "fucking Hell, what's this? 'Tonight Michael, i'm going to be...?'". I was like LOL (he's seen be about three minutes beforehand, and I was in my work clothes LMAO).

So then I explained that me and my chum were off to Worcester. Dave was like "how are you getting there?" I was like "bus". So then he told me to save my money and that he'd take me and my friend (Laura) to Worcester (he lives there). Bless him. Omg, he actually cracks me up. Laura was like, wetting herself in the back seat, because Dave really is a laugh XD

Anyway, we got to Worcester, we hopped out of Dave's car, and OMG - it was packed. There were people EVERYWHERE!! But it was the Christmas Fayre, too, so people were flocking from everywhere.

I spent 15 minutes in a queue in New Look. I eventually bought a little canvas painting of a bunny rabbit (it reminded me of my own rabbit LOL), Spongebob socks, a new purple purse, a LOVELY flowery and butterfly top, and a purple hoodie. Lush.

I spent another 15 minute in a queue in Woolworths... I only wanted a new webcam!! Which turned out to be cheaper than it said on the price label... Heehee.

We went to Waterstones, and I bought SIX mangas!! (It was three for two LOL) I got volumes 6, 7, 8 and 9 of Dragonball Z, and volumes 1 and 2 of Ouran High School Host Club. I have been waiting for those mangas to come out since I went to the manga convention a few months back!!

I've also just ordered Fruits Basket volume 21 (I have the first 20 XD). I can't believe it's up to 21, now! =O

Oh! I bought Pocky!! I went to this oriental shop that I've been eyeing up for some time, and I spotted the Pocky!! I got chocolate flavour, and milk flavour. I've only ever tried the chocolate flavour. They were cheap, too!! It was like, 45p for the milk one, and 75p for the chocolate one!! Cheap as chips!!

Did you know that Pocky isn't actually from japan? =P The bloke at the manga convention told us... He said "help yourselves to some Japanese Pocky... Even though it isn't actually from Japan". Lol! Then it isn't Japanese, is it?!

Erm... Oh, I got asked for directions TWICE! It's always happening to me!! Because I had a New Look bag, these two women come over to me and Laura and the one goes "sorry, we've just spotted your New Look bag and were wondering if you could tell us where it is?"

Well, me and Laura aren't the best people to give directions... LOL. We said something like "go down this alleyway here (*we were sat in the entrace to it like tramps LOL*), turn right and just past HMV you'll see the entrace to Crowngate. Go straight through Crowngate, and you'll get to the market. Once out of Crowngate, go left past the market, and New Look will be on your right."

The women seemed to understand *shrugs*.

Then we were sat on a bench next to the Elgar statue, waiting for my Dad to pick us up, and these drunk blokes came up to us. The one went "excuse me, could you tell us where NEXT is? There's a pub opposite that we go to quite often, you see."

I raised my eyebrow, and pointed to NEXT, which was, er, right next to us LOL!! And then I mentioned to Laura: "if they go to the pub quite often, then why do they need directions to it?!"

I raised a valid point.

But it's ALWAYS ME!! I was in Worcester this one time with my friend Sian, and this woman came up to me and asked where an elderly home was (I can't remember the name of it). I was like "I DON'T KNOW! WHY CAN'T YOU PEOPLE LEAVE ME TO SHOP IN PEACE?!". I didn't actually say that to her XD

Anyway, I must be off. I'm super ill but I still have things to do =( Toodles!