Hello fellow Otakuisms! I am Emmah, and this is my little world of blogging. I'm not a very normal human being. In fact, sometimes I'm not considered human at all.

I'm a bigger Bon Jovi, Beyblade, Kai, and Tala fan than you. Accept it. LOL.

I LOVE yaoi. I write A LOT of yaoi fanfictions (you can find some on my Beyblade Fanfics world). But I do like to write hetero, funny and friendship fanfictions, too. I'm not just all about the yaoi.

My favourite yaoi pairing EVER is Kai and Tala from Beyblade. They are the best.

I have a love for LOLcats and other LOLthings. They often worm their way into my posts.

I still stick with MyOtaku. I shall never leave it as many have done...

I have a tattoo. It's on my ankle. I also have my ears pierced and my belly button pierced. I have 6 pets:- 2 cats, 2 giant snails, one hamster, and one rabbit. They are all mad.

That's enough useless information. READ AND LAUGH TO YOUR HEART'S CONTENT!

Lawks A Mercy =O

Okay, okay, I'm finding it really difficult to keep up with all these new features that keep being added to TheO XD

However, I did my part for the new member's introductions thingy, and I PM'd a new member, telling him if he needed a chum, that I was there for him to come and be all confused to XD

Then there's the new 'recruit' thingy... Where you send an email to a friend, asking them to join.

It's quite funky, but this makes TheO just like all those other social networking sites, really... Though, I do think TheO needed a 'recruit' thingy-ma-bob.

I have a couple of people (okay, quite a few people XD) in mind who I can ask to join... All of them I know from fanfiction.net.

All of them, I speak to regularly XD

All of them, are fellow hardcore Beyblade fans.

Talking of Beyblade, I notice I seem to be a main contributor to the Beyblade section of TheO... I visit there, and I see my name all over the page XD Hahaha, can only be a good thing. If there are any new people who are massive Beyblade fans, or people have started watching Beyblade, or when the new seires comes out and everyone who loved the first three seasons come back to 'retro Beyblade', then they'll see my name, and I might get some more chums =D

I say 'retro Beyblade', because the new series isn't going to have any of the old characters... It's got a cast of completely new characters, and completely new Beyblades... I'm going to watch it, but I can tell already that I won't like it.

But, I'm hoping that the new series will be quite popular, and that the love for Beyblade reignites >=D

I'm so obsessed... Lmao!

I must go... It is nearly midnight... And I should really be in bed... LOL.




I just read the post on the new 'Otaku Angels'.

I laughed. Hard. Because everyone was nomating Angel Zakuro, Chibi-Anna-Chan, inncent heart and kittenlark.

Funnily, enough, if I could've comment, I would've nominated Angel Zakruo and Anna-Chan XD

But I can't comment.
So that went out of the window.

I'd like to be nominated to become an Angel.

But again, I can't comment anyone, so that's out of the window XD

Maybe I can become MyO's angel... LOL. Not that anyone needs help on that site, because no one uses it anymore.

Well, hardly anyone.

I do, though!

And I can actually comment on it.

Unlike on here.

I shouldn't even be on here, actually =S I'm midway through writing a chapter for one of my VERY popular stories on fanfiction.net (not blowing my own trumpet, or anything XP).

Honestly, I don't even know why this story is so popular... It just is =S I guess it's because it's so hilariously funny, and every single character is OOC. But that's a good thing XD

Honestly. Can you imagine Kai Hiwatari (the tough guy) from Beyblade complete insane, wanting a baby, and in love with seahorses?


Neither could I. Until I started writing the story it's all in XD

I must go back to it, now, actually. I've been here for far too long...


You may have noticed that I've changed the title of this world.
I'm always saying 'do what?', so that's why I've renamed this worled to that XD

Anyway, I have big news.

Well, semi-big.

Quite big.

Okay, it is quite big.


I'm pregnant.


LOL! No, I'm kidding, I'm kidding XD

The real new is that I passed my Theory Driving Test!


I'd convinced myself after 10 or so questions that I'd failed, so when I went to find out my result from the bloke at the desk, he was like, "congratulations, Emma, you've passed."

I was like, "you what? Are you having a laugh?"

He wasn't.

So, yes, I passed!! =D

Now all I have to do is book and pass my Practical Driving Test, and then I'll be safe(ish) to drive on the road on my own >=D


I'm happy.

*Twitches Nose Because The Rabbit Is Twitching His Nose At Her*

I shall not give up on the spelling thing. I shall continue to spell as I do XD

The paragraphs thing: I did apologise A LOT to SomeGuy (I think he's accepted my apologies, haha) and I told him to just ignore the other story he has sitting in his pile of work to look through (paragraphs... So he doesn't have to do them, haha). The story wasn't THAT fantastic, anyway.


I got a PM from TheOtaku Staff - saying I'd gotten promoted to Senior Otaku ++!!!


I'm going to accept it, and embrace it - and continue to submit a load of things >=D

I wish I could sort out these bloody comment boxes, though... Maybe they only work with a certain internet browser?

Y'see, I can only comment anyone or anything, if I'm the first to do so - and even then, I can only leave 2 or 3 lines!

It's because the comment box appears at the bottom of the window, only showing half of it. It's a nightmare! I dunno what happened to it... It wasn't like that when TheO first had it's 'transformation'... But about a month or two later, the comment box just fucked up on me =S

I dunno...

But that's the reason why I never comment... I'm not being a cow or ignoring anyone XD


On a slightly happier note:

My Theory Driving Test is on Thursday (eek!). I remember... Chibi-Anna-Chan, I think it was, asking me on MyOtaku about it (I think it was her...).

Anyway, I keep convincing myself I'm going to fail it.

But last night, I took a mock exam, and I passed it with a score of 80-something-percent!

So, if I do that good on the REAL exam, I should have no worries =D

Our Theory Driving Tests are made up out of two things: a 50 question test, with multiple answers (on the mock one, I only got 3 questions wrong =D), and the Hazard Perception Test.

The Hazard Perception Test, is where you have to watch 14 short clips (I know! A lot!) and click on the screen (because the entire exam is done on computer!) when you think you see a hazard.

It could be anything from a car turning off onto a side road, a car pulling out in front of you, traffic in the middle of the road, pedestrians super close to the road or crossing the road... It could be fucking anything. But you can't click on absolutely EVERYTHING because they'll fail you for it.

People of America, be glad that it's easier to get a license in your country XD

Anyway... On my practice Hazard Perception Test... I got a score of 50-something points out of 77. You need to get 44, so I'm alright XD

I can't remember how many you need to get on the theory questions... I think it's 43 or something...

So yes... I passed the practice Theory Exam... I'm very proud of myself, and I now think that I could actually pass the real exam... Hahaha!

If I DO pass the realy Theory Exam... Then my driving instructor, Susanne, will probably put me in for my practicaly driving test almost at once! She says I'm so very nearly ready for it!

So, fingers crossed, by the end of this year, I should have a full driving license, and I can drive on my own, and go wherever the fuck I want =D

I'm actually aiming to pass my practical test before my birthday (in October). That's a reasonable target, isn't it? I think so!

Anyway... I must be off to spread the good news about my practice theory test XD I'm so happy I actually passed it... I really feel as though I can pass the real one, now XD


I'm Going To End Up Eating TheO...

Firstly... The 'Guru' on this here website changed my spelling on my ONLY quiz to American spelling (things like, 'colour' and 'favourite' - the Americans miss out the 'u')...

And now, I have been told off (well, not told off as such - more like, advised like I'm a blithering idiot) by SomeGuy because I don't use paragraphs properly in my stories.


So now the way I paragraph my stories is WRONG just because this site doesn't like the way they're directly underneath each other.

Basically... My paragraphs have to be...



This a massive gap in between each one.

SomeGuy's said that he's having to paragraph it all properly (properly according to TheO's way...) when I'm asking for it to be put up on the main site (I now realise that that the ones I've submitted to be put up on the site, and haven't, are probably because of my shoddy paragraphing).

Never mind... I shall do as he suggests, and paragraph it so TheO likes it...

It makes me wonder how much more TheO can make me hate it and want to leave...

But I shall not leave! I shall stay and infect it with my sheer madnosity! Hahaha!

More to the point, I've been here for two and half years. Why the Hell should I leave now?! Lol.

I'm actually not too bothered about SomeGuy telling me about the paragraphs.

It's the spelling thing that REALLY pissed me off...

Never mind. If SomeGuy PM's me again, I shall apologise profusely to him (because, when I'm wrong, which I apparently am right now, I apologise FAR TOO MUCH).

Anyway... Toodle-oo!