Hello fellow Otakuisms! I am Emmah, and this is my little world of blogging. I'm not a very normal human being. In fact, sometimes I'm not considered human at all.

I'm a bigger Bon Jovi, Beyblade, Kai, and Tala fan than you. Accept it. LOL.

I LOVE yaoi. I write A LOT of yaoi fanfictions (you can find some on my Beyblade Fanfics world). But I do like to write hetero, funny and friendship fanfictions, too. I'm not just all about the yaoi.

My favourite yaoi pairing EVER is Kai and Tala from Beyblade. They are the best.

I have a love for LOLcats and other LOLthings. They often worm their way into my posts.

I still stick with MyOtaku. I shall never leave it as many have done...

I have a tattoo. It's on my ankle. I also have my ears pierced and my belly button pierced. I have 6 pets:- 2 cats, 2 giant snails, one hamster, and one rabbit. They are all mad.

That's enough useless information. READ AND LAUGH TO YOUR HEART'S CONTENT!

*Feels Proud*

Lawks a mercy! It's been fucking ages since I posted anything here.

But! It has also been fucking ages since I got any of my 'artwork' into the featured section on TheO =P

Which is what has happened! YAAAY!!!

My Pirates Of The Caribbean card is featured! Wahoo!

It's funny... I work so hard for good captions on anime e-cards, and they get fuck all, yet I can just make a slightly humourous Pirates card, and it gets featured =S

I've also noticed that it is the same few people who gets their 'artwork' featured all the time... This seems a little unfair to all the other people out there who make great things!

I know it's based on how many people gives hugs and favourite your shit... But I still think there should be a limit to how many things one person can have featured at any one time.

I'm looking at the e-card's featured section. Mine is on there, obviously. And the other three are all from one person. It really does seem unfair to others.

Or maybe that's just my way of thinking =S

I meant to upload my 'Confessions Of Georgia Nicolson' fanfiction ages ago O.O I completely forgot about it. There isn't even a section for it on this site at the moment, which is why I want to submit it, so it gets it's own section. Haha.

Anyhoo... I'd best go and do blogs elsewhere =(

Emmah's Updates

My updates today so far are:

~ A happy birthday Beyblade e-card

~ A 'Bring On The Trumpets' Dragonball Z e-card (search for 'Bring On The Trumpets' on Youtube to understand this one - you'll wet yourself laughing)

~ A Beyblade oneshot fanfiction (hurrah!)

~ I've deleted my 'Kai Hiwatari Obsessives' world - it was taking up space and gathering dust.

~ I've created a NEW world - 'Emmah's Other Fanfics'. For all my, er, non-Beyblade fanfics. =D

So... I'm just about to zoom off and make my new world a bit colourful, and then I'm going to upload a multi-chaptered fanfic of a book that DOESN'T have a category! *Gasp* Also, if this book one day gets it's own catergory, then I'll make it a quiz. Because I'm nice like that. I just hope my spelling doesn't get changed from British spelling to American like my last quiz did *grr*.

Erm... Then I've got a Death Note oneshot to write... A funny one. Because humour is my forte. XD

Then, if I get all this done, I must go to work.

So I'd better get started! =D

Oooh, Burned...

I cannot stop saying that... 'Oooh, burned' XD

I blame Ellen.

ANYWAY!! Onto more important matters that could probably wait until the morning, but I'm going to post them now. Ummm...

I thought I'd sorted out my commenting issues (for anyone who's just joined my fabulous fanbase [haha, joke], see the post before this one).

But I haven't.

I tried the 'open in new tab/window' option, and just as I get to write a nice long comment, with no boundaries, as long as I want... I press the post button, aaaaand...

It doesn't post. Because there's an 'error on page'. Which sucks. Balls. =(

So, I thought I might be able to solve the whole issue by actually downloading the AOL browser (which... I haven't done, because I prefer to use Internet Explorer). If AOL find out that I didn't download their software straight away, they'd probably be pretty offended.

Back to what I was saying. I tried to download the AOL browser, but my impatience got the better of me, and I cancelled it, because it was taking too long.

I might try again at some point, though. But, if that doesn't sort out my commenting issues, then I don't know what will =(

It's 1.20 in the am, here in England where I am...



You know I was having issues commenting on here? Like, my comment boxes were at the bottom of the page, and only half showing so that, if someone else had already commented, I couldn't?


I was looking at a fanart, and then I pressed something... so I tried to do it again... And I realised...



My issues is solved =D

Expect lots of spam from me, people... Emmah's back in action XD


My good deed has been done for the day.


I went onto the list of my subscribers (why would they subscribe to me? I have to be one of the most boring people ever XD), and I subscribed to them all, if I hadn't done so already.

There were quite a lot 0_o

Which leads me to think: how in the name of arse are these people finding me?! XD

I really want to get a premium account *thinks*. But I'm not too sure I trust PayPal... LOL. I've never paid for anything through PayPal before...

I won't have to ask for my parents' permission, either, because it is ME who pays for the interwebs =O It's in my name and everything. It goes out of my bank account...

Which is why I'm thinking about getting a premium account. I mean... I've always wanted to have a cupcake next to my name. LOL.

I'll probably get one eventually. I'm just still thinking XD

Oh crappyCrap.

I've just realised that I haven't updated MyO for over a week 0_o

I'll have to go and do a 'Men Overheard' post... To make up for it XD

Anyhoo *waves*



Not that you were going to go anywhere... But, erm...

Have a picture that my friend Ellen drew on the little MSN draw thing... It makes me giggle XD

We find so much entertainment in MSN draw... LOL.

It's Tala from Beyblade XD

Okay, now you can go XD