Hello fellow Otakuisms! I am Emmah, and this is my little world of blogging. I'm not a very normal human being. In fact, sometimes I'm not considered human at all.

I'm a bigger Bon Jovi, Beyblade, Kai, and Tala fan than you. Accept it. LOL.

I LOVE yaoi. I write A LOT of yaoi fanfictions (you can find some on my Beyblade Fanfics world). But I do like to write hetero, funny and friendship fanfictions, too. I'm not just all about the yaoi.

My favourite yaoi pairing EVER is Kai and Tala from Beyblade. They are the best.

I have a love for LOLcats and other LOLthings. They often worm their way into my posts.

I still stick with MyOtaku. I shall never leave it as many have done...

I have a tattoo. It's on my ankle. I also have my ears pierced and my belly button pierced. I have 6 pets:- 2 cats, 2 giant snails, one hamster, and one rabbit. They are all mad.

That's enough useless information. READ AND LAUGH TO YOUR HEART'S CONTENT!

O Hai... Again

I know. I can't stay away, now =O

Not much is going down... (what, I've never said that in my life =|) obviously it wouldn't, as I only posted last night. So not much could happen between then and now.

I should really be pulling my finger out... I have a chapter to Beta-read for someone, and she kind of wants it back by the end of this week =S I haven't even started. Oops.

Oh, and I need to clean the animals' cages out... that's another thing I should be doing...

But I just want to sleep.

Decisions, decisions...

Yes, I think sleep is the best option =P

O Hai

Well, it has quite literally been ages since I did posting of any sort here on TheO or on MyO. I've just done a little update on MyO, though, so I might as well do one here for you guys who don't bother with MyO anymore.

Not much has gone on in the world of Emmah... just been working like a fucking loon. Seriously, I've been working so much, that I think my legs are going to fall off.

Erm... what else... oh, 2010 is not going all that good for me, really. Things are just generally crap, and I'm getting more depressed by the day, lol. But it's okay. I laugh and smile and hide it all, because no one in real life actually listens to me =)

God, that sounded "emo".

Erm... oh yeah. I have the biggest crush on the most unobtainable guy ever. Seriously. It's not even funny. I'm really setting my sights too high. I should aim for someone down at my pitiful level, LOL.

Err... see, it's been effing MONTHS since I last posted, and I actually have nothing to say. That's how 'exciting' my life has been, haha.

I might as well leave, and stop rambling =)

Oh Dear

How shocking... I've not been here for a while... hmmm...

I thank everyone for the birthday wishes!! XD

And... even more shocking... I got promoted to Otaku Legend?! =O I think that is a sign that I should be more bloody active.

Har har.

What's be going on with me... not much, I can tell you.

I am officially not a teenager anymore, I still work at the same old shitty place, and I've found a life!

Sort of.

The life I have found is going down to the pub occasionally with chums.
Well, it's better than what I was doing before XD

I actually have nothing much to report...



Okay, you can't see it from here. You'll have to go to my portfolio to see it.

I made it myself =D

I know it's shoddy, but it still makes me giggle XD

Good News

I got a new laptop yesterday.

I'm on it now.

Just doing commenting a little bit... And I've discovered the comment boxes are back to normal. I can now comment even if I'm not the first person, without having to use the 'tab' button to get down.

My old laptop just can't have liked the comment boxes.

How bizarre.