Re-Destro is Just Anime Dr Doofenshmirtz

A fun one now, take a good look at Anime villain Re-Destro below.

Long pointy nose, long face shape, same hairstyle, it's Dr Doofenshmirtz in anime form.
The creators of My Hero Academia made a villain that is basically a buff Doofenshmirtz, and yes Phineas and Ferb was dubbed in Japanese so the inspiration is possible.
Think this is a coincidence? His quirk is turning his stress into raw physical power, I'm just going to do this next quote in my best Doof impression.
"I used the stressbuffinator to turn all my tragic backstories and stress into pure muscle mass, you see whenever I went to the beach, all the muscle dudes always kicked sand in my face, have you ever had sand kicked in your face? It gets everywhere, you still find it several days later in your pants, now that I'm buff I can finally kick sand in their face, as the dominant muscle guy I can take over the TRI-STATE AREA!"
Something along those lines, the real voice actor probably has something better.
And yes Doofenshmirtz actor Dan Povenmire is aware of this character.