Victory Script - Sakura's Heart Racing First Date

A look at Card Captor Sakura's episode 3 - Sakura's Heart Racing First Date.

The episode starts with Sakura's school going on a field trip to the Aquarium, Sakura's brother Touya is working there and it all seems wholesome until a trainer and a penguin get caught up in a vortex, Touya manages to save them.
Later that night Sakura discusses with Kero about the incident with Kero suspecting it being the work of the Watery Card but warns that it's quite violent.
Sakura is forced to flee when Touya arrives with Yukito to study, Sakura decides to make them pancakes which results in a mini date the following day back at the Aquarium's restaurant, in between school and the date, Tomoyo gets Sakura and Kero phones to stay in contact during card captures.
Watery attacks again, this time trapping Sakura but Yukito saves her by axeing open a fire door, Yukito apologises for not being able to eat shaved ice with her which gives her an idea.
At night fully dressed in jester gear, Sakura confronts Watery and forces a chase leading Watery into the freezer area behind the restaurant which freezes the card in place making it for an easy capture.
Three takeaways from this episode.
1. First indication that Sakura's battle costume changes with nearly every episode, no other magical girl series did this until Uta-Kata, and would later become a successful staple of arcade anime card games like Pretty Rhythm and Aikatsu.
2. This is also the first hint that Yukito knows more than his cheerful clueless demeanour suggests.
3. It's a great indication of how well the series is paced as a whole, it does enough to stay invested in a three episode test and makes the danger factor serious but not enough to change the tone of the show.

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