Victory Script - Watch Out for the Guy you Like

Now something of a breather from Episode 50 of Fairy Tail, Watch out for the guy you like.

Juvia starts the episode attempting to obtain a potion that would make Gray notice her and pays alot to obtain it, unfortunately she's too scared to try it.
Lucy meanwhile is bored as there are no active jobs while Natsu and Happy dance about for fun, Mirajane comments on them being a good couple which Lucy rejects but it's obvious that it's on her mind.
The following day seems fairly normal until the other guild members say to Lucy that Natsu is talking about meeting a girl later, Lucy still clearly thinking about what Mirajane says goes all giddy thinking of love scenarios, then it gets worse as Natsu asks Lucy to meet her by the old oak tree in town this evening, using the distraction, Juvia releashes the potion but hits a few other guild members along with Gray, chaos ensues as the potion doesn't cause love but rivalries.
Here's a run down.
Gray declares Happy his rival.
Mirajane declares Erza her rival from their childhood.
Cana is rivals with Makarov over drinking.
Thunder Legion and Shadow Gear are rivals over who's the better team.
Wakaba and Macao are rivals over pay.
Elfman is searching for a rival but never finds it.
Erza is rivals with a stone pillar.
Finally Makarov is rivals with alcohol.
Each moment more hilarious than the last.
Meanwhile Lucy gets herself dressed up to meet Natsu, while he does show, the girl he's after is Virgo to dig up a spot where the guild hid their most embarrassing photos, Lucy smacks Natsu and reflects on what a moron she is for thinking Natsu had any romantic feelings.
The following day, Gray is talking with Juvia and asks her to not get so weird, Juvia forces the potion down Gray but only results in him declaring the Horizon his rival and runs off to Galuna Island.
Meanwhile Lucy is just fed up of Mirajane bothering her.
One takeaway from this episode and that's how the rivalries pan out for some people.
Elfman's lack of a rival just shows how insecure he is about his masculinity.
Makarov's rivalry with alcohol is just dark but considering what he went through with his family and guild, you can't blame him for thinking like that.
Erza's is not so much for comedy rather that the pillar reminds her of the Tower of Heaven.

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