F***ing pissed off.

Dear douche bags making jokes about 9/11,

What in the actual fuck.

I am suddenly terribly offended. This shit is not funny nor ‘kawaii desu.’ This is so fucking wrong. So yeah, it’s been 10 years. Does that make the subject any less real or any less painful? I still fucking cry when I hear the stories, and I still feel my stomach drop when I see the towers. It was so gruesome and it's never fucking okay to laugh or make jokes about it. Have some fucking respect!

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"Whats the difference between 9/11 and a cow? You stop milking a cow after 10 years. LOLLL."

Even if it's your way with dealing with sadness or something, really? REALLY? Do you think it's funny? This is wrong in every fucking kind of way! People died and people lost family and friends that fucking day and you call such a freaking offensive images "great".

I hope you die painfully,
People Who Aren't Idiots.

P.S. trying joking about it after listening to this, assholes.