Hiya. :/
A world for venting, being depressing, angry and just plain bitchy. You don't like it, leave right now.
I hope this world won't be used very often, but when it is used just bear with me.


I cannot believe that some people think that they are entitled to my respect. I mean, I respect most everyone [you know, people who aren't criminals] on some sort of level, but some people think I need to freaking worship the ground they walk because they are an adult.
NEWS FLASH: You have to earn respect. IT'S NOT JUST GIVEN TO YOU. And to earn it, you have to give it, bitches. DEAL WITH IT.
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Well, that's annoying.

I finally worked up the courage to tell my mom [well.. I wrote her a note. *is a coward*] that I'm pretty sure I have depression.
I did it at 9 AM.
Aaannnddd, she never said one thing about it. She just completely ignored it. I saw the note in the trash just now, also. Thanks for caring, mom. Thanks a lot. Bitch. >_>


i hate my parents. and right now i hate my life. just fuck it all.

I think I may be the jealous type. =__=

I mentioned how I made four RL friends, right? Well, I did. Now I'm afraid it's gonna end up like it did last time. Two of them [we shall call them A and M] are now acting as though they are lesbian lovers who just got laid. Yes, mind rape, but true. On Facebook they have been posting LOVE SONGS of all things and tagging each other in them, and now A just posted this on M's wall:

Dear M(;
You are super gorgeous!! And super funny! You are my Cuddly Water Balloon♥ I know we have some inside jokes.... buried in our brains....but I can't think of any xD But I do have to ask you, Why you so obsessed with me?! ;D You are a really great friend and I am really glad we became friends this year! You made me feel better with plan2!... Did I mention you're really pretty?! You haven't been annoying to me! Then again, I don't get annoyed easily. Only some people annoy me. Young John Travolta is very attractive (thanks for pointing that out :D) Well.....I don't know what else to write...OH!!!! Your hair is very soft ♥ And I'll always be here for you, love.
I LOVE YOU FOREVER M R W!!!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
P.s. You're beautiful!!! ;D

Um. What the hell. .__.;
A few explanations: Cuddly Water Balloon is in reference to M's boobs. Yes, I do know this for sure because they told me. She didn't really put M and M R W, I just didn't wanna put names.
-sigh- Am I being ridiculous? I mean, I just feel like I am going to be betrayed again.. This is how it was last time...

On the bus:

I was sitting next this guy. He suddenly turns around and tells this slightly chubby girl this, verbatim [I'm not putting the names though]:
"Hey, T***a! You're ugly! I just thought I should tell you that. I needed to get it off my chest."
The girl looks like she is gonna cry and turns around. Then the guy across the isle said:
"Hey, T**e! You should chuck that skateboard at her!"
And the whole bus started laughing. What the hell? Sense when in abuse and bullying funny?