New Characters in "Foreigner"

I don't think anyone really reads these posts when I post them after 9:00, but whatever. xD (Why?)

Anyways, title's kind of weirdo if you don't know what Foreigner is... but it means I have new characters for "Foreigner" (the story with Kor and Eagle who I never draw).

External Image
The girl is Michelle, and the guy on the bottom's name is "Dailen", pronounced "day-len", for the time being. Yep. They work at Eagle's tattoo and piercing shop.
The text next to Michelle says "Michelle is an extremely thin, tall, and bony woman who works at Eagle's tattoo and piercing shop. Despite her bangs being eternally in her eyes, she's quite good at tattooing. She is most likely older than the clothes she wears [as in the style] and how old she says she is. ([she's] anywhere from 25 to 45.)" I wanted to make a reeeeeeeeeeeally thin character, for some reason. I guess she doesn't even look that thin... but she's thinner than how I draw most of my characters. I MEAN... HER HEAD IS WIDER THAN HER WAIST, SO... I also for some reason wanted to have a blonde girl with straight bangs covering her eyes. xD
The text next to Dailen is "extremely OCD. Insomniac. Asexual. He's pretty skinny, too. Think Drake Bell in physique." I had decided early on that I wanted to have some guy at the tattoo shop be OCD for no particular reason. xD; But I also decided to make him asexual because I don't have any characters who explicitly say they're asexual. Although, I do have 3 asexual characters: Ms. Marigold (who I recently think is really cool), Falorin, and Rick.
Okay, so. I decided this a while back and never told you guys, but Rick is actually homoromantic asexual. This has no effect on his personality at all, it just means he doesn't want to have sex with people. He actually calls himself gay, but by my word he's asexual.
But enough about Rick.
I want the characters at Eagle's tattoo shop to be kind of quirky, off-beat people, so that's what I'm trying to do with Michelle and Dailen. Trying to do. Yeah.

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A doodle of Michelle on my poetry assignment. :M;;; I tried giving her a different outfit.

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Dailen with a different expression. I'm still not too solid on what kind of personality he's supposed to have. I don't want him to turn into another "random idiot guy character"... which tends to be the personality I give my guy characters. "orz HAHA...

Anyways, this is getting long-ish. Thanks for reading! c: