Site Rules and Whatnot

Hello, my name is Nehszriah. I’m going to use this ever important first post to lay out what I hope this World can become in time, as well as some rules and standard procedure. It may be boring, but it helps as an anchor in the long-run.


Vinland Saga is a story about Vikings (sorry Minnesota, not those Vikings) in the early eleventh century. Due to the oft-occurring bloodshed, some pictures and plot descriptions may have to be filtered to meet the main site’s requirements. This does not mean “no blood whatsoever”, since that would be boring, but sparing amounts of blood… I guess. Besides, nothing amounts to more than reading the series for yourself.

Since Vinland Saga is a monthly, ongoing series, the depth of the characters and their adventures are going to change. Since posts can only be corrected for so long, it is vital that you search for your topic using word tags, bringing up all relevant posts. There may eventually be two or three versions of the same article, so be sure to look in all the right places.


  • Never be rude to another person without just reason. Consider this your first warning. Second warning is a PM, third is banishment. Take up any instances of rudeness with me; the situation will be dealt with accordingly.
  • Never post an article or comment containing false information. Have backup for any claims you make.
  • Please do your best to type in proper English, whether it be British, Australian, Canadian, American or any other form with defined rules. Creating 7334, IM-lingo and lolspeak is often harder than typing out what one has to say. Also, please use spell-check. Most word processors, as well as Mozilla Firefox, contains one. Typos are one thing; egregious errors are another.
  • No spamming. Conversations can be continued in PMs.
  • No fighting, even if someone else started it.
  • Lastly, have fun!


As of right now, I hope to eventually expand Valhalla into a catch-all for anything related to Vinland Saga. Some of the kinds of posts I want to include are:

  • Character descriptions
  • Plot outlines/chapter breakdown
  • Setting descriptions
  • Historical Side-Notes
  • Viking Culture 101
  • Open Discussion
  • Honorable Fan Nods

This list is subject to change as time progresses. Any suggestions are welcome.