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My English class did a long unit on interpreting and understanding Romantic Poetry last quarter. As a homework assignment, my teacher had us interpret Lewis Carroll's poem "Jabberwocky" and then write our own version with real words 'n such [...something like that. I don't quite remember].

So here's "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll.

Here's my version based off the original:

On a chilly night,
The darkness lurked and gloomed.
Nothing seemed quite right
When those frightful creatures came out to consume.

Snapping and clawing, they'll gnaw on your flesh.
It creeps up behind you and... BAM!
Your heart's left dead in your chest.
Some swoop low like demons, fueled by your fright.
So be very cautious! Beware of what goes bump in the night.

An awesome knight, he forged a mighty sword.
Leaning on a cherub rock, he pondered what would come.
An epic battle long awaited, he thought without a word.
To settle himself, he hummed and hummed.

The time came when it finally appeared and
The ferocious beast was met by the knight's reaping sword.
He slashed and clashed, cut right through the vermin.
He claimed its head and returned a prideful lord.

From this perilous battle came a victorious warrior.
Joyous people cheered in an uproar,
He paraded, showing his moves and "HIYAHS".


ha, there ya go. My horrible attempt at rhyming x__X

Rehab Corner

Random title. has nothing to do with the poem except that I was listening to Rehab- Rihanna + Justin Timberlake while writing this ^^.
and the poem's not all that great >__>. it's bleh.
wrote it a while ago too, 12/8/08.

Rehab Corner

I turned from them.
Looked back once to be sure
That they'd never be missed.
With every step,
We grew further apart.
With every step,
A new stone was turned
On an unknown path
To all but me.
I wouldn't let anyone see
The cowardice that took over.
I needed to leave;
Cultivate my dreams and satisfy my desires,
Fill what was hollow inside and saturate my spirits.
I cut loose what was dead inside,
And simply
Moved on.


Thought I'd try 'n make an update in this world XD

Ode To Me ;]

Today in English, we had to write about an object that represented us and explain why. For our homework we had to write a poem, at least 8 lines, about how that object represents us. I chose a book :3 [one kid chose a spoon o.O and another chose a hamburger. Someone tried using God OwO but when the teacher said He wasn't an object he eventually settled for the sun ~____~] Yeah~ well I chose a book because I like to gather information about different things and text can be perceived in different ways. I added stuff about pictures in there too because I love art of course. So check it out:

A blank page ready to see,
An open book ready to receive
The wonders the world has to offer.
Pen to paper,
Print all that you feel
Paint a picture
Lest you think they’ll shun you
For what you believe;
You can’t be blamed for what they choose see.

Marked are the impressions they leave me,
Fixed are the words I chose to represent
All that is me,
My very own autobiography.
Although the words may be smudged,
Syntax chopped and screwed.
Scrutinized, I’d much rather paint a picture
To avoid the critics;
Their dodgy perspectives leave my title in ruin.

Paint a picture
For the world to see,
Or maybe I’ll write a novel instead to characterize me.
Either way, the world may choose to see me differently.


So what didja think?? I usually wait a day till posting a poem just to see if I'm still happy with it by the next day but w/e... I think it's good but I'd much rather hear what you guys think.

m'kay, this is officially good night =]


Okay, I'm watching "The Devil's Playground" on channel 162.
It's about Amish teenagers who leave their families to eperience the outside world or the "English" world, this can last for months or years [age 16- age 21]. They go out into the world and decide whether they want to be "English" or go back to the Amish culture and join it's church.

I think that's pretty cool. A couple of strict Christian societies I've learned about don't permit anyone to leave or have been accused of some really bad stuff. From what I've watched so far, it seems like growing up Amish would be good and I respect their tradition of letting children out to understand the world they've been guarded from all their lives.

Apparently you can't just enter the Amish world either, which is just about the only thing I don't agree with. I guess it makes sense though, they don't have radio/Tvs or electricity to keep themselves distanced from us and knowledge that may corrupt us. An outsider would have the same effect as television. Yeah~ there are a lot of things I don't agree with, like Amish women are supposed to have as many children as she can, that's not exactly healthy >.< And their belief that education leads to pride, so after the 8th grade children are required to drop out and begin working. That may be true, that education leads to pride, but I believe an education is key to... Well, I guess they don't need a special, high paying job since most Amish work in factories or on farms... and they don't have to worry about surviving in the world alone because they're a tight-knit community and look out for one another. So education may not be so important to them.

However, I do wonder about those teenagers who decide not to return. During Rumspringa many start smoking and experimenting with different drugs or activities. If they return then they must forget everything they did, they forget the memories, the clothes and the people. But if they stay English then they continue to smoke and drink and all without a proper education. That's not a good thing of course.

So, I wonder what I would do... I think I'd return home and become apart of the Amish Church, who knows though? A world of temptation against a lil ole chruch =P I'd need lots o' strong faith.

So what would you do?


This is a result of it being so late [11:37pm] [it's really not that late but... =P] and listening to Linkin Park. bleh. Ya don't have to read it, just posting it because I'm also bored. Goin to bed now anywayz.
Late Nite....

Writer’s bloc impedes
My mind
The ability to be clear
And I just start rambling
Until I start singing
Coz those songs I love…
They explain me so much better
Then jumbled up words
Trying to sound fluid
Trying to go along to my imaginary beat
Trying to rhyme
Wanting for the world to hear
A poem doesn’t do that
It can’t do that
I’m just not that good.

I’ll have to wait for the day
When I stand atop a cliff
Or a mountain somewhere
And scream it.
Scream it all as loud as possibly
As humanly possible.
Feeling larger than man
With an iron fist and without a care for any consequence
Say what I’ve always wanted to say
What’s been held inside for so long with no where to go

These feelings choke me up
Rip me apart inside
I just want night to fall
So I can be me
Out of harm’s way
Locked in the walls of my room
Concealed by the darkness.
I can wait,
Wait like I have been for years
I’m just sayin…
It may eat me up by then
Coz I’ve noticed lately
I can barely tell what it is that I’m feeling
But anyhow
I’m just rambling
Or spilling
I’m not sure.

>_____> A very huge cliff. So when I scream over it all the rocks will crumble, then I'll free-fall :D There's a possiblity of dieing but at least I'd have said everything I wanted to say =P


g'nite peepz ;P