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Boiling Point

Boiling Point Choke; I break under your fixed stare. Overbearing; I can’t bear the weight Of my own hate. Bite on open wounds. I can feel your anger too. To pieces, My...

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Time: 9:58 p.m.


Doubt is raised
Through the cracks in your path.
Since when did it matter
How they looked at you?

To find yourself dragged though the dirt,
The slush of mainstream.
They’ll chisel and scrape at what made you so strong.

Understand what's real in the world
Lest your visions be dirtied by labels.

Maybe then, you can find yourself.

But when the fog sets in;
The mind is prey to temptation.
Shroomes will replace lucidity,
Lust will devour,
Ambiance glows a pitiful green.
Capitulate and fiends will replace you with a fool.

A lost carcass
Doubling over to read starry nights,
Toiling over numbers and tea leaves,
Troubled, to find their spirit dry.

What you hold dear
Will be lost between roads.
Hold on.
Below, forsaken souls. . .
Fell within the cracks.
Prayers howl in the winds above.
A fork;
Your last decision
Before your demise
Or true discovery.

- - - - - - - - - -

Hmm. I dunno O_o.
I wanted to focus on one thing... it might've helped if I knew what that one specific thing was. I went to all different points that I don't feel like explaining now.

Bleh ~>> tired.

I usually don't do rhyming (cuz I suck @ it so badly) but. . .

My Deluded Reverie

How would you feel if you knew the real me?
The devilish, lying, whorish me. . . .

Maybe I was afraid to let you through,
So to my fortress I destroyed the key.

But the hiding,
It left me so empty.

I needed a home,
Somewhere to live freely.

It was far off,
No one could reach it, not she nor he.

And I imagined up some people
That were just as screwed up as me.

My fumes were vented
And I lived on-or acted-happily.

What was left
Was a dirty trail of blood- and misery.

But I could not leave it forsaken,
Abandon anything but my dirty, secret laundry.

I sunk ever deeper
Into my Deluded Reverie.


I was in and out of sleep when I wrote what's below; around 12:20am-ish the other day. ummm, and when I say 'you', I'm not refering to anyone in particular, just people in general I guess. I dunno. And it's called White Wall because my room's walls... they're white. Stupid, boring white walls.

White Wall

I wanna figure me out
But I don't seem to be getting very far.
Not another step, before sleep impedes...

Afraid the world is happening without me,
Time seems to move on without sympathy.

You're so far away
And I'm stuck behind pallid walls.
Want to tell you everything
What to say?
What to do?

So confused.
Thoughts scatter and scurry every which way.

I'm the only one I can talk to.
Easy to listen to and easy enough to understand.
These ramblings though...
They bring out the paranoia in me
'Cause I wonder how much time there is left.
Reason brings out the ugly in me
Cold and distant, 'cause who needs hope?
Leads me to believe I bring out the worst in me.


ha, so yeahh. I fell asleep by then xD
Think I'ma sign off now so g'nite everyone.


I wrote these the other night, I was sleepy =P

Burn It

I started a note
Since the day we first met
of all the memories we shared together.
All the laughs,
the trips and stumbles.
A record of every story -good and bad-
that we've gone through with one another.
For I knew that this friendship would be something great.

But our time must be running short
'cause there's barely any room left on this note.
After you threw it into the flames,
it's now burned and torn.

Tried retrieving it from the flames
'cause I wanted to show you
What it looks like now.
After enduring so many years,
it's almost gone.



A visionary,
Confusing reality with the imaginary.

Can't seem to open the door
To a world less insecure.

There's not enough trust
To speak up.

Don't wanna hear anything
But the truth.

Shut out the past
To see the future.

Too sick to think properly,
reasoning locked within obscurity.

The cure,
A posion to humanity.