Hello and Welcome to my world of Photos!

This is just a random place where I take random real life images and share them with you! Please enjoy them...while they still exist, ha ha ha.

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Please do not make me cry! No abussive comments!

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Chanel...trying to be Sexy

She´s such a model. My poo poo chanel


ha ha ha, my MGS cd. I love it but never listen to it! ...sorry for that horrible shine thing, ha ha ha.


ha haha, my camera started working again. Meaning I can update my photos world! ha haha.

Here is my precious Chanel with her...disgusting Boobah, sheesh, she is in love with that thing. But not in the humpy weird way, ew...

and another.



Ah ha ha ha ha ha!! It´s my all powerful playstation 2!! Yes...I use a green controller because my black one broke...well it didnt...I just got used to using this one. Shut up! ha ha ha ha.