World Series of Poker ParadaIsis tour schedule revealed

Poker in Paradise is less than a month away, and today the World Series of Poker announced its first WSOP Paradise viewing schedule. Bahamas Parada, Atlantis, December 3WSOP Paradise, which will kick off at the Isles Island Resort and Casino, will feature events involving top names in poker and celebrity appearances.

CBS Sports Network and PokerGO, exclusive streaming partners of the World Poker Series, will report on the tournament action through three post-production TV episodes, with nine days of live coverage and commentary from legendary poker analysts Ron McEachon and Norman Chad.

The Marquee event begins on Dec. 6 with Event #1: Mystery Million, followed by multiple days of guarantees for Event #3: GG Million$ High Roller $25,000, which begins on Dec. 8 and will include celebrity athletes and $10 million in guarantees. The viewing schedule is a full-scale coverage of the first WSOP No-Limit Hold'em World Championship in Paradise, better known as the "Main Event," which begins on Dec. 9, featuring a giant $15 million guarantee and the much-yearned WSOP Paradise Main Event bracelet.

"With tons of guarantees, tons of online preliminaries, extra cash bonuses, and now traditional television coverage, we're ready to welcome Poker World as one of the most beautiful places in the world next month," said Ty Stewart, SVP and Executive Director of Poker World Series. "But for those who can't take a poker holiday to the Bahamas, we are paraI'm happy to send a little bit of Isis back home."

Poker legends playing for WSOP Paradise include former WSOP champions Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Jamie Gold, Daniel Weinman, and others. Confirmed celebrity appearances also include four-time NBA champion Tony Parker, Manchester City's all-time leading scorer, Chess Professional and Streamer, Alexandra Botez, Hoody Allen, and more.


'Kim Sun-hyung-Ahn Young-jun-Huh Il-young's absence' is painful

The Seoul SK Wyverns have entered the "stand-it-or-die mode." It is painful to lose the starting lineup. Still, coach Jeon Hee-chul (51) is viewing it as positively as possible.

SK currently has no Kim Sun-hyung, Ahn Young-joon and Heo Il-young. Since there is no main guard, the operation is not easy. The forward, who plays in offense and defense, is missing, and the shooter is gone. 60% of the five main players left.

It is also possible to make people cry. "That is a relief. We need to think about the playoffs as well. If we endure it a little longer, we will be in a stable position. We need to become a member who can fully perform in the playoffs," coach Jeon said.

"Ahn Young-joon recovers about two weeks earlier than scheduled. Kim Sun-hyung may be able to return to the team once the FIBA break is over. Heo has started training to run. I think I will be able to match the game (against KT at home) on Feb. 3," he added.

It's a blow right now, but in the end, the important part is spring basketball. Currently, he is in second place. There is little chance that he will fail to advance to the round of six. It would be best if everyone returns in March, plays the remaining season at 100 percent, and prepares for spring basketball.

There will be a break from Feb. 16 to Feb. 27 in the qualifying round for the FIBA Asia Cup. It is not a bad part for SK. In the meantime, he needs to recover steadily and prepare well. 토토사이트

SK has many good players, but there is also a "system" created by coach Jeon Hee-chul. Even if someone is missing, it goes back when another player enters. Oh Jae-hyun and Yang Woo-seop are cheering up. If you hold on, you can run again.

Salah's injury is worse than Expected

Mohamed Salah (32, Liverpool), who injured his leg muscle in the African Cup of Nations match, is said to be seriously injured.

English professional football Liverpool said on its website on the 23rd, "Salach will return to the AXA training center and start a recovery program on duty," adding, "I hope Salah will return to the national team as soon as possible and play Egypt, which has advanced to the tournament."

Salah injured his left thigh back muscle (hamstring) in the extra time of the first half in the second Group B match against Ghana of the African Cup of Nations on the 19th of this month. As the injury was found to be more serious than expected, the Egyptian Football Association agreed that Salah would return to Liverpool for intensive treatment.

Fabrizio Romano, a European football transfer market expert, said on social media, "Salach's injury is worse than expected. It will take about three to four weeks to recover."

According to Salah's agent, Salah will return to the Egyptian national team as soon as he recovers. Egypt, which finished the group stage as second in Group B, hopes Salah will play in the semi-finals and final.


He is not a player of the level who will come to Bayern Munich

Dier, a defender recruited by Bayern Munich, failed to make his debut, but he was criticized first.

Bayern Munich, which is suffering from a lack of defense this season, announced the recruitment of Tottenham defender Dyer on the 12th. Dyer was listed on the 18th round of the Bundesliga replacement list for the 2023-24 season against Bremen on the 21st, but he missed the match and his debut failed.

Bayern Munich played full-time in the match against Bremen with Upamecano and De Ligt as center backs. In the match against Bremen, Bayern Munich lost 0-1 in the 14th minute of the second half, allowing Weiser to score the first winning goal. It is the first time in 16 years that Bayern Munich lost to Bremen since September 2008, when Klinsmann led the team. Bayern Munich, which aims to win its 12th consecutive Bundesliga title, is seven points behind the leading Leverkusen due to its defeat against Bremen.

Bayern Munich legend Matheus, who has won the Ballon d'Or, slammed Bayern Munich's team management through Sky Sports in Germany on the 22nd.

"We need to strengthen Bayern Munich's squad, but it is doubtful whether Dyer will be the player who will strengthen the team. Dyer has not played well for Tottenham for the past six months," Matheus said. "Björn Munich should no longer recruit players who are sitting on the bench or in the stands. That is not Bayern Munich."

"Bayern Munich has wanted to sign a substitute since Fabard and Stanisic left. Bayern Munich has had problems with centre-back and right-back. Bayern Munich thought it could reinforce its players, but it was slow to deal with it and could not find a player," he said. 토토사이트

Dyer, whose contract with Tottenham is nearing its expiration, was shunned by Postecoglou as he had difficulty getting a chance to play for Tottenham this season. Bayern Munich, which desperately needed reinforcements in its defense lineup, successfully recruited Dyer and strengthened its player base. German media Sport said, "Bayern Munich loaned Dyer from Tottenham until the end of this season. Bayern Munich has to pay for Dyer's lease to Tottenham depending on Dyer's performance. Dyer's rental fee can rise up to 4 million euros (about 5.8 billion won), but that is not necessarily the case. If Dyer is injured and cannot play in the game, Bayern Munich will have no cost to recruit Dyer."

Dyer has played in 274 Premier League matches since the 2014-15 season. On the other hand, his position at Tottenham has been greatly reduced since Postecoglou took the helm this season, and he played only four Premier League matches this season. Tottenham manager Postecoglou also used side defender Emerson as center back instead of Dyer in the absence of center back van der Ben and Romero this season.

German media FCB Inside reported, "Dyer has been hired as a backup defender for Kim Min-jae, Upamecano, and De Ligt. For Bayern Munich, Dyer is a risk-free transfer. Dyer plays cheap backup at center back and defensive midfielder positions. Dyer can also play as a right-back. He also said that having a lot of experience in the Premier League and the English national team is positive."

OK Financial Group Leo, V League 4th Round MVP

Dodram Leo of OK Financial Group and Kim Da-in of Hyundai Engineering & Construction were selected as MVP in the fourth round of the 2023-2024 V-League.

Leo, who won 27 votes (2 votes for Yosbani, 1 vote for Park Chul-woo and 1 for Kim Myung-kwan) in the men's division, scored 201 points, an attack success rate of 62.02% and an average of 0.65 serves per set during the fourth round, driving OK Financial Group's victory in the fourth round. Leo won his eighth round MVP in his career with this MVP award, solidifying his position as the No. 1 player in the history of round MVP. 스포츠토토

Meanwhile, Kim Da-in, who won 12 reporters' votes (8 votes for Sylva, 6 votes for Yang Hyo-jin, 3 votes for Moma, 1 vote for Wipawi, and 1 vote for Abercrombie) in the women's division, enjoyed the joy of winning the individual first-round MVP by leading Hyundai Engineering & Construction's fourth-round victory and leading the overall team's ranking with a 45.98% set success rate during the fourth round with an even ball distribution.

The fourth round MVP award will be held on February 2 at Sangnoksu Gymnasium in Ansan (OK Financial Group vs. Hyundai Capital), while the women's will be held at Suwon Indoor Gymnasium (Hyundai Construction vs. Pepper Savings Bank) on January 31.