Hana One Q will hold a brand day for "Ediya Coffee" at Home Game on the 16th

Bucheon Hana One Q Women's Basketball Team will hold a home game against Cheongju KB Stars at Bucheon Gymnasium on the 16th as "Ediya Coffee" brand day.

On the occasion of the brand day of "EDIYA Coffee," Korea's leading coffee brand, Bucheon Hana One-Q will present EDIYA Coffee goods and free coupons for popular new products drinking yogurt to all spectators entering the home game on the 16th. The coupons will be available at EDIYA Coffee franchises located in Bucheon, the hometown of the Hana One-Q women's basketball team. In addition, EDIYA Coffee gift cards, products from club sponsors, and club goods will be given out as prizes through quarter and operation time events. In addition, players will put EDIYA coffee tattoo stickers on their arms and play during the game.

In addition, the six-member girl group "Tribe," who is set to make a comeback on the 20th as the third guest of the K-POP festival at home in February, will visit the home stadium to provide various joy to fans who visit the stadium by holding a special performance of pitching and halftime to pray for the victory of the Hana One Q women's basketball team. 스포츠토토

In addition, the Jurassic Cops photo zone, a popular animation, will be operated from this home game, and Jurassic Cops prizes will be given to the winners of the photo zone event. In addition, basketball team mascots Byeoldori & Byeoldong will provide key rings to participants in the basketball experience event (mini-goldae challenge, pass challenge).

Turn Over Transfer Bonus or Give Up Money for the Rest of the Year

While Kylian Mbappe issued an ultimatum to leave Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), the club's president, Naser Al-Kerraifi, is also trying to prevent maximum financial losses.

"PSG wants part of Mbappe's transfer bonus," Spanish soccer media Get Spanish Football News said on the 16th. This seems to be to get back at least part of the amount the club has invested in Mbappe so far.

Mbappe signed a two-year contract with a one-year extension option back in 2022. Hence, he is expected to play for PSG up to 2025. However, when Mbappe refused to agree to extend his contract last summer and showed willingness to leave the team as a free agent in the summer of 2024, PSG also felt a great deal of pressure.

This is because the amount Mbappe has earned at PSG so far is beyond imagination. According to the soccer finance platform 'Carpology', he signed a contract renewal in 2022 and will receive about 190 billion won in annual salary, including 72 million euros (about 100 billion won) in basic salary and 60 million euros in bonuses (about 86 billion won). Now that he is in his second year, PSG has spent 380 billion won after renewing his contract just for Mbappe's salary.

He received a high salary even before he renewed his contract. He was paid as much as 32 million euros (45.9 billion won) in the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 seasons. This translates into 610,000 euros (40.7 million won) per week.

However, as Mbappe showed his willingness to leave the team as an FA, PSG will not be able to return much of the amount it poured into Mbappe.

PSG tried to be rich by selling Mbappe at a high price, but Mbappe's choice has ruined all his dreams of collecting money. Global sports media "The Athletic" reported on the 16th that "Kylian Mbappe told PSG that he would leave the club after this season when his contract expires," and reported Mbappe's official request for transfer.

As a result, Kelaifi also seems to be trying to reduce his financial losses. "The president of PSG discussed the financial aspect of Mbappe's transfer decision and asked him to hand over some of the transfer bonuses he would receive if he sacrificed financially or moved to a new club for the rest of the year," said Get Spanish Football News.

Meanwhile, the most likely destination for Mbappe is Real Madrid of Spain. Real Madrid is ready to make Mbappe the highest paid player in its history to recruit Mbappe, a world-renowned soccer star.

"Everyone knows that Real Madrid wants to sign Mbappe," said Cabe Schollhekol, a senior reporter for Sky Sports. "Mbappe has been talking to Real for a long time because he has been able to talk to other clubs since January when his contract expires this summer." 토토사이트

"According to our information, Real is ready to make Mbappe the highest-paid player in the club's history, but even a huge club like Real cannot afford to pay the same amount of money as Mbappe earned at PSG," he added.

While Mbappe is expected to leave PSG and join Real, PSG, who has been responsible for his growth, is suffering from headaches about how to make up for the financial loss.

PSG and Madrid "Mbappe, Real Madrid Transfer" Reports 'Rambitious'

The two clubs did not respond to media reports that French national striker Kylian Mbappe will move to Real Madrid this summer.

French newspapers Le Parisien and ESPN reported earlier that the 25-year-old Mbappe will join a prestigious Spanish club after his contract with PSG expires at the end of June. Details such as the length of his contract and annual salary were not known.

When asked to confirm the report, PSG declined comment, and Madrid did not respond, AP reported on the 4th.

Real Madrid has twice failed to recruit Mbappe. Mbappe signed a new contract with PSG in May 2022, when rumors of a move to Real Madrid were strongly circulating.

At the time, the two - year contract signed by Mbappe included an additional one - year option, but Mbappe did not exercise it. This means Mbappe could leave the team on a free agent this summer. 토토사이트

Mbappe is tight-lipped about his future. However, in January, he also gave PSG fans a faint hope of staying.

Mbappe scored his 20th league goal of the season in a French Ligue 1 match two days ago. Mbappe, the most prolific scorer in PSG history, has scored 241 goals in 288 games.

Financial Services Commission for Pro Basketball Prim, Bath KBL slander

Prim sent off 2 T-fouls in the match against DB on the 2nd... Slandering KBL on SNS
Bath, at the postgame press conference, criticize the referee on the decision
Samsung-KCC Reading Mistakes Judges… "Internal Disciplinary Measures, Including Suspension of Allocation"

Gaige Prim of professional basketball Ulsan Hyundai Mobis and Paris Bath of Suwon KT were referred to the Finance Committee for slander of KBL.

KBL, which organizes men's professional basketball, said on the 6th, "We will hold the 29th 6th Finance Committee at the KBL Center in Nonhyeon-dong at 10 a.m. on the 7th and deliberate on Prim and Bath."

Prim was sent off after receiving two technical fouls in a game against Wonju DB on the 2nd. Immediately after his exit, he posted a message criticizing KBL on social networking services (SNS). Slang words were included.

On top of that, Prim received a second technical foul, spat on the court, and strongly protested. KBL saw this part as "ungentlemanly".

KBL did not comment separately regarding the referee who made the relevant decision.

Bath also came to the Finance Committee after the game for making remarks slandering the KBL at an official press conference. It is said that the referee's decision was unfavorable.

Meanwhile, Kim Do-myung, Shin Dong-han, and Ganggu-dong judges who made mistakes in video review operations in the Busan KCC-Seoul Samsung match held at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium on the 4th explained, "We have taken internal disciplinary action."

The referee declared Samsung's right to attack when Heo Woong and Lee Won-seok (Samsung) were out while competing with the ball with 7.6 seconds left in the first overtime.

Samsung then requested an operation time, and when Samsung tried to proceed with the attack, the judges changed it to KCC's right to attack through video review.

Both teams' benches, which set up offensive and defensive operations respectively, were tilted.

The video review regulations stated, "If the referee was aware of the need for video review after player replacement and operation time began, the player replacement and operation time should be canceled until the final decision is made," and "After the final decision is made, the coach can cancel or request the operation time and request the replacement of the player." 토토사이트

You should have done a video review first, judged the right to attack, and then given an operation time.

A KBL official said, "It is right that the regulations were not properly applied. Internal disciplinary action including suspension of allocation has been taken. It will be reflected in future evaluations," but added, "We have decided not to disclose the level of disciplinary action to the public."

Hyundai Mobis Prim refers to the Financial Services Commission

Gaige Prim, a foreign player of professional basketball Ulsan Hyundai Mobis, was referred to the Finance Committee for slandering KBL.

KBL announced on the 6th, "The 29th 6th Finance Committee will be held at the KBL Center in Gangnam-gu, Seoul at 10 a.m. on the 7th to examine Prim's ungentlemanly behavior and KBL slander."

A KBL official said, "We will officially consider Prim's direct criticism of KBL on his personal social media (SNS) regarding the home game against Wonju DB on the 2nd."

Prim was sent off for consecutive technical fouls in about a minute in the third quarter of the home game (82-91 loss) against DB at Dongcheon Gymnasium in Ulsan.

Prim, who complained to the referee about four minutes before the end of the third quarter and was declared the first technical foul, left the court about a minute later after receiving the second technical foul during another protest.

Hyundai Mobis, whose mood subsided after Prim left with a furious look, collapsed in about three minutes, allowing 15 points, and failed to reverse the situation and gave up the game in the fourth quarter.

Shortly after leaving, Prim wrote a sentence on social media that directly hit KBL in profanity and shared it. 스포츠토토

When the second technical foul was declared, an angry Prim spat on the court and strongly protested. The KBL considered the situation an "insignificant act" and decided to review it together with the Finance Committee.

Paris Bath of Suwon KT was also referred to the Financial Services Commission after being admitted to directly slandering KBL.

Bath publicly hit directly in a media interview shortly after the away game (78-76 win) against Seoul SK on the 3rd that the judges ruled against kt.