Leo 43 points Explosion

The men's professional volleyball OK Financial Group won a ticket to the playoffs after a fierce match.

OK Financial Group, led by head coach Ohgino, defeated Hyundai Capital with a set score of 3-2 22-25 25-22 25-21 22-25 15-13 and advanced to the playoffs in the men's semi-playoff of the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League postseason held at Ansan Sangnoksu Gymnasium on the 21st.

OK Financial Group and Hyundai Capital locked horns with three wins and three losses in their regular league showdowns during the 2023-2024 season. Four of them, in particular, produced a great match as soon as they met, leading up to the full set, and continued the trend in this semi-playoff. The semi-playoff match between the two teams was a whopping 2 hours and 30 minutes.

In the OK Financial Group, "Ace" Leonardo Leiva Martinez registered name Leo displayed outstanding performance. Leo scored 43 points, the most among the teams, and despite his offensive share of more than 50 percent, he performed his part up to the fifth set. Song Hee-chae 15 points and Shin Ho-jin 12 points displayed impressive performance, driving the team to advance to the playoffs.

At Hyundai Capital, a triangle formation led by Ahmed Iqbairi registered name: Ahmed, 29 points, Heo Soo-bong 23 points, and Jeon Kwang-in 18 points jointly scored as many as 70 points. Taking advantage of height, which is the strength of the team, Hyundai Capital led 10-4 in the number of blockings, but managed to overcome regret by recording more errors 33 than OK Financial Group 21.

It was a tight race from the beginning of the game, a close race until the end

OK Financial Group, which will play a semi-playoff at home as the third-place team in the regular league, started the game with setter Kwak Myung-woo, outside heater Song Hee-chae, and middle blocker Bayarsaihan Vazu registered name Bayarsaihan - Apogit Spiker Signaljin-outside heater Leo-middle blocker Park Chang-sung and Libero Jung-hyun.

Hyundai Capital, the fourth-ranked team in the regular league who took a dramatic semi-playoff stage, greeted the first set with middle blocker Cha Young-seok, setter Kim Myung-kwan, outside heater Heo Soo-bong, middle blocker Choi Min-ho, apogit spiker Ahmed, middle blocker Jeon Kwang-in, Libero Park Kyung-min.

Hyundai Capital gained the upper hand. It took the lead by banking on the performances of Ahmed and Heo Soo-bong in the first set, and despite the opponent team's fierce pursuit, it did not allow a tie and reached the 20-point mark first. It allowed two points at 23-20, but won the first set thanks to Ahmed's back attack and Jeon Kwang-in's serve aces.

OK Financial Group did not stay put. In the second set, 18-19, the opponent made consecutive mistakes, and Bayarsaihan added one more point. Afterwards, OK Financial Group, which brought set points due to Leo's quick opening at 23-22, clinched the second set due to Ahmed's mistake.

OK Financial Group pushed Hyundai Capital hard in the third set as well, building momentum in the second set. After scoring three consecutive points with Ahmed's unforced errors, Song's quick open and Leo's back attack at 21-20, the team finished the third set with Song's quick open at 24-21. Leo alone scored 11 points, and Song, who finished preheating, also scored five points.

Hyundai Capital, which was on the brink of a precipice, took a breather with a victory in the fourth set. As the defensive organization revived, the atmosphere rose, and Ahmed and Heo Soo-bong showed their presence. At 22-22, after Heo's quick opening and Leo's mistakes, Heo blocked Song's attack, leading the game to the fifth set.

Up until the beginning of the fifth set, Hyundai Capital was in the mood. Jeon scored consecutive points after the start of the fifth set, and Jeon and Heo Soo-bong scored points one after another, making the score run 4-1.

Then came the ace, Leo. He made a 5-4 comeback with a whopping four consecutive back attacks. OK Financial Group gave Hyundai Capital the lead again, but regained its 12-11 lead with Leo's serve ace following Lee's sub-fault at 10-11.

With the score tied at 13-13, the OK Financial Group took the match point first. As Jeon Kwang-in, who served strongly, made a serve mistake, the two teams had mixed feelings. In the 14-13, Leo was attacked by Heo Soo-bong, and after receiving a toss from Kwak Myung-woo, a signal team scored a point to end the game. That's how the team to advance to the playoffs was decided.

4th place leap from the bottom to PS, Hyundai Capital's miraculous journey has ended

Hyundai Capital, which ranked second in the regular season of the 2022-2023 season, achieved valuable results as the runner-up in the championship game. However, the season was different this year. The mood of Hyundai Capital has calmed down due to its opening five-game losing streak. Since then, the team has seemed to rebound with two consecutive wins, but as it has bogged down six consecutive losses, it has distanced itself from not only top-ranked teams but also middle-ranked teams.

Choi Tae-woong, who had been working on a generational shift in recent seasons, eventually failed to complete the season and gave up the baton. Hyundai Capital announced on Dec. 21 last year that it would replace its coach to renew the club's mood and create an opportunity for a new twist, and appointed Jin Soon-ki, its senior coach, as acting coach. At the time, Hyundai Capital had four wins and 13 losses and 16 points, ranking sixth.

Hyundai Capital, which had to worry about falling to the bottom, started to gain momentum after replacing its head coach. It won 3-0 shutout against KEPCO on Dec. 24 and 28, and overpowered Woori Card on Dec. 31, raising expectations.

Since the acting coach Jin Soon-ki's inauguration, Hyundai Capital has recorded 14 wins and 5 losses in 19 games. Hyundai Capital elevated its ranking to fourth place and successfully advanced to the post season by winning the final game of the season against OK Financial Group on Saturday. Until just three months ago, unimaginable things became a reality.

Having finished the season as an acting coach, Hyundai Capital is preparing for the 2024-2025 season with a new head coach. Philippe Blanc, who was appointed on July 7, will lead the Japanese men's national team until the 2024 Paris Olympics before officially taking the helm in August. He has a three-year term.

Blanc served as national team and club teams of several volleyball powerhouses, and is said to have transformed the Japanese national team into a strong team. In addition, Hyundai Capital expects Blanc to have a strong understanding of Asian volleyball.

OK Financial Group, which passed the semi-PO gate with difficulty, is now our next opponent 스포츠토토

OK Financial Group, which has not collapsed despite multiple crises, will start its playoff against Woori Card from Wednesday. The first round of the playoffs will be held at 7 p.m. on Saturday Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul and the second round at 7 p.m. on Saturday Ansan Sangnok Gymnasium. If the first and second rounds have one win and one loss, the third round will be held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul at 7 p.m. on Sunday.

OK Financial Group has many good memories against Woori Card this season. It led the team with four wins and two losses in six regular-league showdowns, and earned one point in all of its losing matches by staging a close, full-set battle.

However, the fact that Woori does not have much time to rest can negatively affect the team's performance. OK Financial Group is required to meet Woori Card immediately after a day off, while Woori Card will play its first game in a week after the final game of the season against Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance on Wednesday.

If OK Financial Group continues its upward trajectory through the playoffs, it will be its first championship game in eight years after the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 seasons. Woori Card aims to advance to the championship game for the second time in the team's history after the 2020-2021 season quasi-winner.

Leaving the League

Fenerbahce, the prestigious Turkiye team that Kim Min-jae played for in the past, was prepared for relegation and considered withdrawing from the first division.

"Fenerbahce is threatening to withdraw from the Turkiye Schiefer League due to unfair treatment by the league secretariat."

Since its establishment in 1907, Fenerbahce has won 19 championships in the Turkiye Schiefer League, the second-most after Galatasaray (23 wins), and is considered one of Turkiye's three most prestigious (Fenerbahce, Galatasaray, and Besiktas).

He is well known to Korean soccer fans as the first European team led by Kim Min-jae (Bayern Munich), one of the best defenders in the world. Ahead of the 2021-2022 season, Kim left Guoan in Beijing, China, to join Fenerbahce, making his first step forward in Europe. After playing as a key defender in his team, he moved to Serie A club SSC Napoli in Italy in a year.

Fenerbahce is also competing with Galatasaray for the 2023-24 season. Galatasaray (81-point) is leading the race, with Fenerbahce (79 points) chasing right behind him.

Fenerbahce surprised soccer fans by considering suddenly withdrawing from the first division amid fierce competition for the championship of the Turkiye Schiefer League this season.

Fenerbahce's decision to consider the extreme option of withdrawing from the league was influenced by the situation after the 30th round away match against Travjonspor held on the 18th. At that time, Fenerbahce won 3-2 thanks to Belgian national striker Mickey Bachuay's winning goal in the 42nd minute of the second half.

Fenerbahce scored at the end of the second half and took three points to continue his race for the championship, but the accident occurred after the game when some Travzone Sports home fans jumped on the ground excitedly.

"Hundreds of Travjonspor fans rushed in and attacked Fenerbahce players," said Bild, a leading German newspaper. "It started when a spectator appeared on the ground wearing a mask, and the Nigerian national team Bright Osaei-Samuel, a defender of Fenerbahce, hit him."

Bachuay then kicked a Travzonspor fan, and the audience was so excited that they pulled out a corner flag and tried to hit the Fenerbahce players. Some claimed that Dominic Livakovic, the goalkeeper of the Croatian national team, was beaten.

Eventually, after the security guards strongly restrained them, they were able to remove referees and Fenerbahce players from the stadium, but the incident on this day is likely to be recorded as unacceptable in the soccer world.

However, Fenerbahce considered withdrawing from the league after the incident as no action was taken by the league secretariat. "According to the club source, Fenerbahce is angry that no significant action has been taken in relation to the incident in which his players were at risk of serious harm," Fenerbahce explained.

"The withdrawal from the league is not solely related to this incident. Fenerbahce believes that he has been treated unfairly in various ways over the past few years," he said, adding that the accumulated bad feelings have exploded.

According to the media, after Fenerbahce won the league in the 2010-11 season, former owner Aziz Yıldırım was arrested on charges of match fixing, and Fenerbahce was deprived of his berth in the UEFA Champions League.

However, it turned out that Yıldırım was rigged. In 2021, Turkiye prosecutors sentenced Nazmi Ardz, the former head of the Istanbul Police Agency's organized crime bureau, to October 1,972 for plotting Fenerbachche's involvement in rigging the match.

He also sentenced Hidaet Karaja, a media representative accused of conspiring with Ardz to make up the Fenerbachche match-fixing case, to 1,406 years in prison.

The case is known to be a conspiracy made up by Pethulach Gulen's terrorist organization, FETO, which was accused of being behind the 2016 military coup in Turkiye. The prosecution concluded that Fenerbahce executives used the media and police to remove Peto, judging that it would be an obstacle to his future control of the Turkiye sports world.

In 2015, a dangerous incident occurred when a club bus was shot while traveling to the airport after the game. 스포츠토토

Besides that, Fenerbahce thought they were being treated unfairly by referees recently. According to the media, Fenerbahce President Ali Coach warned that Fenerbahce could take drastic measures, saying, "The adage that Fenerbahce is receiving is not something we can accept."

The club's decision will be tabled at the club's members' meeting scheduled for April 2, and if Fenerbahce announces his exit from the league, the rest of the game will be forfeited and the 2024-25 season will be spent in the second division.

Attention is expected to be focused on whether Fenerbahce, one of Turkiye's prestigious titles that Kim Min-jae played in the past, will make an unprecedented decision to withdraw from the first division.

Seven Springs Unveils Design To $5.4 Million Casino

Officials at Seven Springs Mountain Resort today unveiled a $5.4 million casino plan exterior design that will create about 350 new jobs for local citizens and millions of property tax breaks for Pennsylvania homeowners. Local, county, and state officials, business community leaders, and private residents also attended the event.

"We're excited to build a facility that will benefit a lot of people in our area," said Scott Bender, president and chief operating officer of Seven Springs. "Not only will Seven Springs' new gaming location create jobs in an area of the state that is in dire need of it, but the state will be able to immediately help provide property tax relief to Pennsylvania homeowners, taking advantage of 1.2 million annual visitors. The significant revenue will also go to local and county governments. We look forward to requesting a Category 3 license from the Pennsylvania Gaming Commission."

"Seven Springs was rated the best ski resort in the Mid-Atlantic, and the gaming facility will only improve its reputation," said Ron Aldom, executive director of the Somerset County Chamber of Commerce. "It will only benefit our local businesses and the economy and create jobs that will keep more families. This is a great day for our region."

"We are excited and look forward to attracting more visitors to the region with Seven Springs. We will be adding another amenity for visitors to enjoy while on the Laurel Plateau," said Annie Urban, executive director of the Laurel Plateau Visitor Bureau. "This facility is intended to help our region grow."

The proposed 26,900-square-foot gaming facility will be built on the Conference Center wing of the Main Lodge complex, giving convenient access to both car and night guests. The octagonal-shaped building will feature modest architecture and architectural treatments using native stone and exposed wood outside of wood and glass, which are designed to complement all existing resort facilities and landscapes. A 500-slot machine will require approximately 15,000 square feet. Of that, 1,900 square feet will be used for dining and seating. There will also be a bar and lounge area in the center of the gaming floor. "It was important for us that the design fits the theme of the mountain that visitors came to enjoy and appreciate," Bender said. "Customers won't see anything spectacular and neon-filled. It's important for us to preserve the resort's mountainous nature and family-first atmosphere that we've always enjoyed."

The casino will be connected to a conference center off the main Lodge, so visitors won't feel the need to walk past slot machines to get to their rooms, dining areas, or slopes. Following the resort's long-standing commitment to safety, a state-of-the-art security system will be in place at the facility to ensure that our guests feel safe when visiting the resort. 릴게임

"Seven Springs has always invested heavily in security for our guests," Bender said. "We will spare no money in making sure visitors enjoy their experience."

State law has created two Category 3 licenses for resorts and allows 500 slot machines. For example, Category 1 and 2 licenses allow the addition of up to 5,000 slot machines in racetracks and single-family parking lots.

Kim Min-jae of Manchester United?

Bayern Munich's atmosphere is unusual.

"Munich is open to selling Jojua Kimmich this summer," German journalist Florien Plattenberg said on Wednesday. Kimmich is also interested in hearing the offer. The clubs that Kimmich is considering as his next destinations are Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Real Madrid and Barcelona. Some of the five clubs have already contacted Kimmich." "Kimmich is not considering moving to Manchester United, Chelsea or Paris Saint-Germain."

Kimmich is a key midfielder who has been Munich's midfield for a long time. In 2015, he left Stuttgart and joined the team as a member of the Munich team. Immediately after joining the team, he played mostly as a right back. Afterwards, he returned to his original position as a central midfielder, where he played a significant role.

He facilitated Munich's build-up by playing like a soccer dosa. He is evaluated as having an excellent sense of soccer and accurate passing skills. In addition, he sometimes cuts through the opponent team's net with powerful mid-range shots that occur once in a while. As a member of the Munich team, the most powerful player in Germany, Kim played a total of 378 matches. He scored 41 goals and made 102 assists. Along with Munich, he won the Bundesliga a total of eight times. In addition, he won three times the German Football Confederation (DFB) Pokal Cup and one time the UEFA Champions League (UCL).

Then again, Kim was reborn as a symbolic player for Munich. However, as rumors of a transfer have strongly surfaced recently, chances are rising that Kim will leave the team.

For now, Kim has shown disappointing performances compared to the past. There were situations when his team was directly ejected, which affected his team, and defense issues arose. As a result, no news of his renewal has been reported. Kimich's current contract ends next summer. However, Munich has been passive about renewing his contract with Kim.

In addition, he stirred controversy by having a disagreement with the coaching staff. German media Sport 1 reported last month that "Kimich and Munich's coach Zolt Löw collided."

According to this situation, the possibility of Kimmich's transfer has increased. Although his recent performance is unfortunate, he is still considered a player who deserves the attention of big clubs.

Munich is likely to break up with Kimich and another key player this summer. The main character is Alfonso Davis. Davis is a left-back who dominates Munich's left side with his fast feet and undefensive attack.

Rumors of a transfer, however, are spreading unexpectedly. The British media outlet "The Athletic" reported on Wednesday that Real Madrid had several meetings with Davis recently. In the process, Real Madrid asked Davis not to renew his contract with Munich. 스포츠토토

"As a result, Davis could move to Real Madrid this summer or become a free agent next summer and wear a Real Madrid uniform," he reported.

Rumors of Davis' transfer to Real Madrid have long been raised. Real Madrid, which is looking for a new left-back, has shown interest in recruiting Davis. In the meantime, Davis reportedly demanded a double weekly wage increase from Munich. Munich is burdened by Davis' demand, and negotiations for renewal have stalled.

Naturally, the possibility for Davis to move has increased. However, the timing is unclear. According to German media outlet Barbarian Football, Munich wants 70 million euros about W101.3 billion for Davis' ransom. Van Gauche Real Madrid is willing to pay around 40 million euros about W57.9 billion. If the two teams do not narrow down, Davis' move could take place next summer.

Meanwhile, another rumor has it that Kim Min-jae will be transferred as a surprise. British media outlet Street News reported on Wednesday, "Manchester United must keep an eye on Kim Min-jae's situation. He showed interest in the summer of last year as well."

Rumors have it that Kim Min-jae will be transferred because he has recently been pushed out of the starting lineup competition. Coach Thomas Tuchel is actively hiring Eric Dier, who was brought from Tottenham Hotspur through the winter transfer market. Naturally, Kim Min-jae started all of his recent games on the bench. Local media predicted that Kim Min-jae, who has fallen to the third-ranked center back in his team, would be dissatisfied.

Manchester United invests 170 billion won in Portuguese teenagers → Bruno praises

Manchester United's spending doesn't change.

The club plans to give 100 million pounds (about 169.7 billion won) to a player at the transfer market, which is the first summer since its co-owner with a lot of money. Bruno Fernandes, a Portugal teammate who is playing for Manchester United, is also a highly praised striker.

The British media "Evening Standard" said on the 19th (Korea Standard) that "Brunu Fernandez said João Neves is ready to play for Manchester United, a huge Premier League club," adding, "Fernandez said Neves is a great player and that several big clubs are chasing him because he also plays for the national team."

It was on the 10th that João Neves, who will soon be celebrating his 20th birthday, was rumored to be transferred. Britain's Sky Sports said, "New Manchester United co-owner Sir Jim Ratcliffe will approve a proposal worth more than £100 million to recruit João Neves, a Benfica teenager, this summer."

Manchester United have a lot of good memories with Portuguese players.

The starting point was Cristiano Ronaldo, a five-time Ballon d'Or winner. Alex Ferguson, the then coach of Sporting Lisbon, confirmed Ronaldo's prowess in a friendly match with Manchester United and brought him back, which changed his life. Ronaldo was an outstanding performer at Manchester United and even won the Ballon d'Or, and later moved to Real Madrid to become one of the best players in the world.

There are still two Portuguese players in Manchester United. They are Fernandez, the de facto ace of Manchester United, and Diogo Dalot, the right fullback.

Both have become indispensable players as they have established themselves as the main pillars of Manchester United. Fernandez has been struggling hard in offense this season by scoring eight goals and nine assists in 38 games. Dalot has established himself as a solid right back in 38 games.

Like Ronaldo, the two also moved to Manchester United when they were playing for Portugal. Fernandes moved to Manchester United from Sporting Lisbon like Ronaldo. Dalot was transferred from FC Porto, the prestigious club in Portugal.

Manchester United are trying to bring back good memories again this time. Most of the Portuguese players played well for Manchester United, so this time they are going to recruit Neves.

Neves was born in Benfica Youth, and has continued to play since debuting professionally with Benfica. Last year, he was recognized for his potential if he was selected as an adult national team player for the first time in his career. As he played in all different age groups, Portugal also has high expectations.

Since debuting as a professional last season, Neves has displayed his full capability this season. He played 45 games this season, with two goals and two assists, and has become a regular starter. Neves mainly plays as a defensive midfielder, but can also play as a central midfielder.

Manchester United needs a major reinforcement this summer. Manchester United seemed to be revived last season after Erik ten Hag took charge and ranked third in the league, but it has fallen into a slump again this season. It is currently sixth in the league and the UEFA Champions League was eliminated in the bottom of the four teams in the group qualifying round. 스포츠토토

Manchester United has suffered a lack of scoring ability throughout this season, so reinforcement of strikers is a top priority, but reinforcement of midfield is also essential. Brazil's midfielder Casemiro, who defended the midfield last season, is likely to leave the team at the end of this season as he is not the same as before due to aging this season.

Kobe Mainu, born in 2005, is playing as Casemiro's partner, and although he has other resources such as Sofiane Amrabat and Christian Eriksen, it is regrettable that all of them are involved. We need resources to fill the sidelines of Mainu, who has been reborn as a key player this season.

Manchester United will pour a huge amount of money into Neves to reinforce the defensive midfielder. Investing 100 million pounds into Neves also implies that he hopes to establish himself as a mainstay of his team in the long run. His value is estimated at 45 million euros (65.3 billion won) by Transfermarkt, a website specializing in the transfer market.

Asked if he will remain with Benfica next season, Neves said, "I promise to do my best in all training and games. Currently, I am focusing on Benfica and preparing for the upcoming games."