Kratos Judgment Costume


From going back and replaying this game again on a 5th Playthrough, I'm beginning to remember how much I LOVED it when I get Kratos's title for his Judgment costume. I think he still looks amazing in it. HE PRETTY MUCH ALWAYS WILL.
(I kinda wished he still had the Flamberge with him when he rejoins the party if you end up choosing him over Zelos. I ABSOULTELY HAAATE THAT PART OF THE GAME. ;w;)

Oh, hey, one thing I notice in this pic is that he has an Exsphere visable in his right hand. (Kinda forgot he had one, lol.) Wait..that red diamond in the middle of his chest..Does he also have a Cruxis Crystal? (I don't really remember him having one, but correct me if I'm mistaken. XD)