This is a world dedicated to the wonders of Tales of Symphonia! If you would
like to be a part of the information recovory unit,(guest posters) pm me and pick a character/spirit you would like to find stuff on. Well I hope you enjoy


Alicie/Sheena and Alice
ElementalNinja/Kratos and Presea
ZelostheGreat/Zelos and Decus


the japanese opening

ToS 2 opening english
Tos 2 japanese

the japanese are always better than the english. If im wrong correct me

Art is here!


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ToS animation part 2, 3 and 4

If you want me to put more comment or pm me


Here is the first part of the animation of tos. sorry its not in english but it has subs

Tos art

Tos art will be comming soon so wait just a little longer