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Fitting Words For A Fitting Person

Ah. Forgive me for not making my posts here as I need to be. Other matters have been getting in the way and preventing me from doing so.

Anyway, a long time ago while doing some random anime picture browsing, I happen to come across this one of my beloved angel and a few paragraph lines, describing him and the path he took in his life, as well as what he did.

(If you can't read the words above on the pic, here they are:)

He starts a mercenary
And ends a traitor.
He wears sparkling purple;
He is from neither Tethe'alla nor Sylvarant
And he is from 4,000 years ago.
He has wings of sparkling blue
And eyes of a powerful brown
And hair of auburn so beautiful
So unlike others of his kind.

He is a father, one who loves
and watches over his son;
He starts of helping the Chosen's journey
And ends giving Lloyd the Eternal Sword.
He wishes to help but must hide aid,
For he is pursued by Yggdrasill;
And as long as he's one of the Four Seraphim,
He'll always be by Cruxis' side.

He is the seal of the great Summon Spirit
The one whose name is Origin;
Ending his life would break the seal,
So Yggdrasill must watch him carefully.
In the end, he breaks the seal
For his one and only son
To save the world and end the reign
Of evil once and for all.

He is a mighty warrior,
A loving father, a frightening angel
And yet all at the same time,
He is merely a human.
He is Kratos Aurion.

OMG, those have got to be some of the beautifuliest of words I've ever typed~ *is in love mode* This is perfect. NO, beyond perfect. So much so that I can't even put it into any other word to think of. Simply just amazingly beautiful~

Hopefully, I can find more things like this. Hope you enjoyed this post of amazingness~!


1st Post! ^^

Yay! Thank you Alice-chan for adding me here~
Hello everyone! My name's Sacora, and I'm a HUGE ToS fan! xD

Anyways, I'm here to post things about my darling angel, Kratos Aurion~x3 He ish my sexy angel! Here's him~

External Image

That's my guy right there!~ I'll be posting vids, pics, information and the like, about him and other interesting things about ToS as well.

I hope everyone enjoys~ :D Thanks again!



well I have'nt posted in this world for a while so sorry about that so heres a
video to make up for it. this is the ending song to the animations 2nd tethe'alla episode the song is "inori no kanata" or Beyond Prayer

Tos animation season 2 opening

I think it looks pretty cool!

Its christmas again

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