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Alicie/Sheena and Alice
ElementalNinja/Kratos and Presea
ZelostheGreat/Zelos and Decus

All Your Questions Will Be Answered! -SPOILER WARNING!!-

It seems that everyone is going to Kratos lately for their problems and questions. Well guess what? HE ANSWERS THEM. That's right! Here he'll be answering your questions! And look, different Anime characters from all over (including other Tales characters) are asking him. Find out how he responds!


Well, were your questions answered? Did you see the sexy picture with the rose?~ <3 Nyaah! I need to find that!


My Second Character

Hello everyone! I'm very sorry for not posting here often. (I've been gone, and have come back, but that's another matter.) It's been quite awhile. Hopefully it hasn't been too long. ^^;

Anyway, I'd like to announce my other character I have chosen to find things on. She's another one of my faves! ^^

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Her name's Presea Combatir. She is from the other world of Tethe'alla. She has grown-up in the small village of Ozette, working as a lumber jack with her Father and her little sister, Alica.
Later on, she had become part of the "Exsphere Project" and she soon became under the effects of hers, due to prolonged exposure. Because of this, her emotions were starting to become subdued, along with her growth and age being halted as well.

(I'll stop here because there are some VERY BIG spoilers, and I don't want to ruin the game for people who haven't played it yet.)

I think the information I have there is good. I think I'll wait a bit before posting up spoilery info, if that's okay.
Hope you guys like it so far. ^^



Decus has devoted himself to Alice. He is obsessed with her, although she is annoyed by him.

Okay, first of all, Decus is REALLY 'cool' with his moves. Second of all, Emil makes the best faces in the game.
Now a picture of Decus wielding his super amazing sword (that is one cool sword)
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Zelos Wilder

Here's to my favorite character: Zelos!

video time!!!

now info!!!
It would be better if you go here:

Zelos Wilder, the Chosen of Tethe'alla, is a major loser, who seems quite full of himself. He has a major (but subtle) crush on Shenna. He uses swords, and after you are done battling, and he is in your party, he is commonly the one to talk and brag about himself or his beauty.

if you like the Sheena-Zelos mix, the visit this website:

here's more Zelos!!!
Ugh.. LOW DEF.!!!

Now ToS2, Ok, watch Emil's face.... Its PRICELESS!!!

Magical spin!
And Richter just walks off... the nerve of some people!

Hope its good!


Well heres an update for the few guest posters we have. You have already picked a character to base your post on.Im adding more options on what you can do. you can pick another character (if you want) and If you can't fing good posting materials you can write stories on your characters adventures (even if they have passed on maybe life after death stories) Hope this helps a bit.