The Buzz and The Dragon-Flea

I know that this is kind of weird but oh, well.. Tell me what you think.

The Buzz and The Dragon-Flea

'I'm a bee!
I'm a bee!'
Said the buzz
To the dragon-flea

'And what may you be?'
'I'm a bee!
I'm a bee!'
Said the buzz
To the dragon-flea

'Cease, this, tell me what may you be?'
'I'm a bee!
I'm a bee!'
Said the buzz
To the dragon-flea

'What may you be?!'
'I'm a bee!'
'I'm a bee!'
'You are mad!'
'I may be."

My Muse Hath Slain Herself

My Muse Hath Slain Herself

My muse hath slain herself
Upon the blade of my suffering!
Picked from shards of my shattered heart
And cast herself to nothing!

Chocked with dust are all those empty words
That now are mere’ a muttering.
And now through that reigning darkness
My mind, writhing, is stumbling.

I hath forsaken thee now, present!
How I yearn for the past or tomorrow!
For, all the pain within this moment
Is pain, and pain is sorrow!

And of this sorrow, I am sick…unto death!
As am I of the many miles of tears I follow.
Free me now, or strike me dead
With a hollowed heart, sadness can not hallow!



Could someone tell me what this is...
This feeling of joy and of sorrow...
Tears dancing down my smiling face...
Seeming as though nothing were real...
As if this beautiful and tragic life is just a dream within my head...
Where the winged seraph holds his sword to my heart of darkness...
As it still beats with love and prepares to die...
What, what is it, please, God, tell me!...
How can I make tomorrow brighter...
If I can't even rise from my knees?..
Where is the light at the end of this tunnel... Where?!...
Shall I always weep and smile till the night I die?...
And if so tell me why.

me again

Hey everyone, I'm back again. I really don't have too much to say, everything is pretty boring over here, right now. I got a new scanner but my computer won't pull up the software, no matter what I do. Not to mention my photoshop won't come up for some reason, and I have a wisdom tooth coming in(where's the wisdom? owwwie!). But I'm feeling determined. So I'm gonna give this another go. 'Cause, well, if it doesn't work I'll have to go buy another one, and I'm totally broke! . Oh, well, such is life, I suppose. Once, everything starts working right, I'll be able to put my work up... It's called Happii-Go, after the main character, and it's standard(well mostly), yonkoma format. So, until, this thing starts working, here's a poem...

I crept up from a world of darkness
I told the sun… my sad name
As I crawled through this land of darkness
Beneath blue clouds, and the skies of grey

Sometimes I wish the sky was falling
So that I could catch a falling star
And let it shine brightly through the shadows
Of my broken lonely heart…

Sometimes I wish the sky was falling
So that I could catch the falling rain
To quench this insatiable thirst
For something more than my lonely pain…

And so, I crawl through this land of darkness
To find the shining sun
Forever wandering through endless shadows
Until my search is done.


Hello there everyone and welcome. This world(named after the kanji for my name(phonetically of course)), I created on a whim, and I do not know what to add to it just yet(it will[be random though, I can assure you). I am a fan of Lucky Star(manga and anime), Bleach, Death Note, Gurren Lagann, Fruits Basket, Karin(aka.chibi vampire), ect. I am a bit of a bibliophile and bookworm, and I can kill hours listening to music and reading. I like most anime, so long as they can make me laugh(one way or another), and I just love chibis and anti-heros. I can easily come off as strange or down-right weird but I'm not, okay I am, but aren't we all? I am a poet and a musician(I wish, professionally). Anyways, until I can think of something else(and more worth-while) this is all. heh heh heh. Later.