??????????? my me song

kay then these are some of the oddities that make up me. i got the idea after talking about how weird i am, lol. well then here it is, am i that crazy? you be the judge.... the only thing i haven't done yet is the whole limo thing, heh heh heh, i tried but got caught lol.

At the risk of sounding like a fool
I keep my mouth shut, try to play it cool
Never saying all the stupid things
That I wish I could scream…..


Hey hey I love techno pop
I wish my skin was blue
I’m always broke, I blow all my money on anime dvds
My computer’s broken, broken, broken…….(crying)
Or hey watch me try to dance, ha ha ha ha!!!!

I’m that guy, ya know, the one playing metal on a banjo
Running through the streets in slow motion
Spouting philosophy in my red jeans and camo boots
Am I crazy or just plain insane? Hmmmmm tough question…….
Screaming at this broken computer pulling my hair from its roots

One of a kind, no one else would wanna be like me
Hey, hey fine by me, the new man in black, half the time
But my shades are blue, as am I…. hmmm
Someone make me smile, I wanna act like a fool
Waving my flag, playing pac-man with my nose

Riding a black limo to the comic-con
Just ‘cause I can
Sneak out before they notice me….heh heh heh
I’ve got no money to pay ‘em
Gotta blow it all, gotta blow it all
I’m soooo good with money
I can spend a thousand in an hour
Watch it all disappear.

Ah, a black frock, that’ll go well with my roy mustang gloves
And my naruto head band, ha ha ha ha
Find me reading purgatorio in the back of an old pick up
Listening to d drive love, lolz
Van Gogh, Da Vinci and Yoshimizu on my walls

Gotta go gundam is starting, laterz folks, X333333333333333333333333333333333333333
Tee hee hee!

Till The Day I Disappear

hello there again, its another sad poem..... well here it is:

I saw a shadow and I cried
Weeping in tune with my breaking heart
Creeping through, in disbelief of everything,
Into the thundering sobbing clouds
Finding my way into what I wished for that cold lonely night.

Here and now, I wish ,upon a thousand falling stars,
To save me from my sorrow
To give me wings to leave the ground, covered in sad darkness
Where the stars are shining and the skies aren’t grey.

I touched my shaking hand to my red wet eyes
These rivers of pain running down my face to the empty floor
Forever it seems, I’ve dreamed of serenity, finding only loneliness
Watching the birds pass me by on there way beyond this grey sunlight.

Oh what I wouldn’t give to see some happiness,
A simple smile without raining tears dropping down
Like a black and white photograph, left to fade to dust,
No-one remembering the joy within those small and abandoned lines,
Till the day that it disappears.

I long to set my feet upon that shimmering distant moon.
Reaching out as far as I can, but always falling back down to this sad world
Drifting through crowds of people without faces,
Replaced with blurry expressions of vague pain,
My tears the only thing sparkling in this dim life.

‘Take my hand’, alone clinging to a reflection,
Pressed against a cold wall, because I cannot stand on my two feet, trembling under me
I know that pathos face all to well.
Should I break this thin sheet of glass, or keep this empty shadow as company,
Till the day I disappear?………:

'kay correction

Alright as I was rereading one of my kanji books I now realize that the kanji for my name actually means really old thunder land, or ancient since it doesn't sound so dumb, but my desicion is to not change the name because well, land of everlasting thunder just sounds cool, lol. I'm hopeless I know. but oh well.


A potential issue came to mind recently when i told someone that I was on this site and he said that he'd thought my profile belonged to a girl, the faces didn't get the point across, i guess, you know the kinda thing...anyways I am a guy, and as far as kona-chan being my avatar well, konata is cool and I'm alot like her. So there hope that clears up any confusion, rofl, this is just so ridiculous to have to point out it's just so funny, ha ha ha!, lol. Laterz, mes amis.

Kona-chan rocks,lol

my first e-card

Just in case its not published and even if it is, I want to enshrine my first ecard...(^_^). Weird I know.lol