What death note chara are you? (am I?) X3 ehehehe

[yep] You have a big aim in life
[most definitely] You hate to lose
[they do] You feel that your eyes change colors with your behavior
[ever so slightly] You are obsessed.
[I don't want to sound vain, but, yeah] Your intelligence is superior in comparison with another person’s.
[] You don’t mind hurting others as long it helps you to get to your aims.
[A bit, when I want to] You have talent to seduce the opposite gender.
Total: 6

[yep] You love candy.
[not much] You don’t care about how you look.
[] You walk/sit curved.
[] You are a genius.
[do I ever] You have dark circles around your eyes.
[] You are very thin no matter what you eat.
[] You don’t have many friends and you are a total failure at love.
Total: 3

[yep] You love someone blindly.
[yes] You would do everything for that ‘someone’.
[yeah] You dress in a very peculiar way.
[] You can’t tell when people are joking around with you.
[] You can’t handle alcohol very well.
[] You are very jealous.
[if I have the desire to] You can make people do what they don’t want to do.
Total: 4

[] You love chocolate.
[*sighs* yeah] You were confused at least for once with the opposite gender.
[well not ALWAYS...ehehe] You always dress dark and tight clothes.
[uh-huh] You are always second.
[] You have a burn/scar on your face.
[sounds about right] You are very intelligent, but sometimes you make mistakes.
[oh yeah] Near creeps you out a little bit.
Total: 5

[] You are always playing video games.
[] You smoke.
[] You wear stripy shirts.
[yeah] You would do anything for your friends.
[] You use glasses that look like goggles.
[more or less] You are always relaxed.
[very much so] You are very affectionate to your best friend.
Total: 3

[yep usually] You are patient to the limit.
[in the end] You always win.
[] You have Peter Pan syndrome.
[yeah... much as I hate to admit it] You love to wear pajamas.
[again... not to be vain] You are very intelligent.
[yep *nods smiling*] You have a lot of ability using your hands.
[] Your hair is of a weird color and very uncontrollable.
Total: 5

[yes] You believe in a god.
[] You search for justice everywhere.
[periodically...] You use glasses.
[] You are/want to be a lawyer.
[] You don’t care about following orders as long as it’s for justice’s sake.
[] You support Kira unconditionally.
[] All your life is perfectly planned.
Total: 2

[yessum] You love apples.
[always] You are bored.
[mostly] You think that humans are… INTERESTING!.
[uh-huh... but no hyuk..] You laugh in a weird way… Hyuk, hyuk, hyuk…
[] You don’t let your feelings lead you.
[I try to be diplomatic] When there’s an argument, you never take one of the sides.
[more than a little] You are a little bit crazy and weird.
Total: 6

[yeah] Some people think that you are an idiot.
[I try] You always see someone’s good side.
[] You know someone who is an example for you.
[wacko] You don’t think Kira is either good or evil.
[] You talk about a love life that you don’t have.
[all the time] You do stupid things that sometimes are good to the ones around you.
[] You are pretty, but old.
Total: 4

Results... I'm strange.... obvious, no?

????? a poem

Words cannot express this feeling
This feeling that I cannot define
And if there are words that could
They are the words that I could not find

I only wonder why, still, that dream
I dream it every night
That dream, not meant for me
That, still, I dream tonight

Not a regret is in my heart
For I was only there to make you smile
And that I did, so effortlessly
It made it all worth the while

And so I smile, like I should
Selfishness, doesn’t suit me too well
So I do what I can to make it through
Full of these feelings, I cannot tell
Who knew love could hurt like hell?

new kitty

I gotta new kitty.....another stray came to my house so now i got another kitty cat......and the little kitten's name is Tingy...don't ask...X33

Shadow Fall part the first

this is a story that i had in my head for awhile...i was going to make it into a manga but i got a little lazy and so started writing it in this format instead, not that it's easy now...writers' block, but here it is....i might do some chara profi...

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i lost

I lost the game!!!!X33333333333