hmm. im thinking of coming back. am I too mature now ? heck no!

So. Im coming back I think. Ive grown up a bit and everything but miss this site and the fun people here. Even if they do make me feel talentless. And maybe getting my YouTube on too.idk. anywho. If any of my old friends are still here and see this hit me up kay ? Lates peeps

Hey I'm super sowwy

I know, I know, I've been gone for quite awhile. And I keep disappearing. But I do believe that I've finally got stuff sorted out. I'll be here as often as I can. Please, forgive my flaky behavior as of late. I'll make it up to you. Thank you, friends. Ciao for now.

I'm back

Hey y'all, I'm sorry that I've been away for so long. I've had ALOT on my plate. But now I'm back. I just hope that some folks remember me and that I still have some friends here. Thank you to anyone willin to give me another shot. Sankyu! Love you all!! X3

Wow! ^^

I'm now a "++" YAAAAAY!!! I feel so loved right now. yay yay yay! *bows* thank you. X3

Pocky Huggles! X3

I'm giving out pocky and hugs people. I'm slowly working through the long list.
Anyone who makes me smile gets 'em. Thank you all the people that make me feel less... gloomy when I'm in a bad mood, and make me even brighter when my mood is good. Thank you so very much! Oh and anyone else who wants 'em.... just let me know. I'll send some your way too. I've got several thousand gifts to go through so.... let me know. thanks again. X3