100 Themes--Arthur's Choice

So I put Arthur, my iPhone, on shuffle and wrote down the first 100 songs. Now I'm going to do a drawing for each of them! Expect lots of Hetalia... <.< >.> So, without furthur ado, THE LIST~!

To navigate, click the song title for a link to the picture, and click the artist's name for a link to the actual song. ^^

Arthur's Choice, 100 Themes

1. Jenny Was A Friend of Mine, the Killers
2. Battle, HetaOni
3. Layin’ Down the Funk at the Chaos Theater, The Borange Fobbies
4. Joy Ride, the Killers
5. Darkest Deeps, Christian Pacaud
6. Venus Is Out Of Your League, The Borange Fobbies
7. In Between, Linkin Park
8. Crescent Chroma City, Blöb
9. The Funky Blob, Blöb
10. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Blues Traveler
11. The Hardest Part, Coldplay
12. Embrace the Tres Bien Moi, Francis Bonnefoy
13. Flight of the Passing Fancy, Squirrel Nut Zippers
14. Beds, HetaOni
15. Spies, Coldplay
16. New Divide, Linkin Park
17. Famous Last Words, My Chemical Romance
18. Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love, Coldplay
19. Dynamite, Taio Cruz
20. The Drugstore Sells Sparks!, Ailsean
21. Life in Technicolor ii, Coldplay
22. The Invisible Man, Scatman John
23. Pork and Beans, Weezer
24. Hit the Floor, Linkin Park
25. Battle 2, HetaOni
26. Reptilia, the Strokes
27. Smile Like You Mean It, the Killers
28. Scatman, Scatman John
29. Welcome Home, Coheed & Cambria
30. America, HetaOni
31. Russia, HetaOni
32. Faint, Linkin Park
33. Igen Og Igen, Nephew
34. Somewhere You Want to Be, HetaOni
35. Pechika ~ My Heart Has a Light ~, Ivan Braginski
36. Send Me On My Way, Rusted Root
37. Absolutely Almost Invincible British Gentleman, Arthur Kirkland
38. A Song About Love, Charlie McDonald
39. Desperation, HetaOni
40. Magic, HetaOni
41. Through the Fire and the Flames, Dragonforce
42. Andy, You’re a Star, the Killers
43. Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked, Cage the Elephant
44. Darkness, HetaOni
45. Monkey Wrench, Foo Fighters
46. This is Your Life, the Killers
47. I Can’t Stay, the Killers
48. Exterminate, Regenerate, Chameleon Circuit
49. Einsamkeit, Ludwig Beilschmidt
50. Politik, Coldplay
51. Splashback, Blöb
52. Reunion, HetaOni
53. Kiss Off, Violent Femmes
54. Tessie & the Bubblegum Monkey, k-wix
55. Got Put a Smile on Your Face, Coldplay
56. DB 606, Blöb
57. Fall of a Comrade, HetaOni
58. Dream On, Glee Cast
59. Papercut, Linkin Park
60. Lying From You, Linkin Park
61. The Catalyst, Linkin Park
62. Sky Runner, Haroon Piracha
63. The World We Live In, the Killers
64. Parachutes, Coldplay
65. What If, Coldplay
66. Figure.09, Linkin Park
67. Don’t Panic, Coldplay
68. Crash and Burn, Blues Traveler
69. Allô, Allô (Hello, I Love You), Les Sans Culottes
70. Diary, HetaOni
71. Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll, the Killers
72. Talk, Coldplay
73. Cigs, The Borange Fobbies
74. The Monster With No Name (Doopliss’s Theme), Paper Mario 2
75. Human, the Killers
76. Dialima tu Kafe, Zeratul
77. Pub and GO!, Arthur Kirkland
78. Memphis Exorcism, Squirrel Nut Zippers
79. Summers, The OneUps
80. Leave Out All The Rest, Linkin Park
81. In the End, Linkin Park
82. ROM Schtick, Shael Riley
83. Elephant Bones, That Handsome Devil
84. The Calculation, Regina Spektor
85. Raydian Day, Blöb
86. Black Hole Sun, Soundgarden
87. Ievan Polka, Miku Hatsune
88. Get on the Bus, virt
89. China, HetaOni
90. Fobbies are Finale, Tansunn
91. Come Sail Away, The Borange Fobbies
92. Bennie and the Jets, Elton John
93. Lisztomania, Phoenix
94. Medical Insurance, Joshua Morse
95. Winters and Morse, Joshua Morse
96. Yellow, Coldplay
97. Lie Ciocarlie, Vitas Bumec
98. No Mercy for Swine, Cherry Poppin’ Daddies
99. High Speed, Coldplay
100. Life in Technicolor, Coldplay