Today was a weird day even though nothing happened......*sighs*.......... oh i know what i will talk about!!!! SASUKE-CHAN!~~~

He is awesome smart awesome cool awesome emo awesome and REALLY AWESOME!!! *fan girl squeak* i just love him so much!!!!!~ even though he is like a total spam i dont care!!!! much perfect besides the fact that he almost killed his lover *cough* naruto *cough*>.< if only if only.....well as you can see i am a total yaoi fan and if you have a problem with that dont bother reading anymore of my posts in this lil world of mine cuz yaoi rules B) well anyways back to sasuke-chan.....AND HIS AWESOMENESS!!!! okay i seriously think while sasuke was with ochimaru he was being raped in one of ochimarus "hidden rooms" i swear!!!! :D thanks to certain people i shall not name i learned that snakes are very usefull tools for that^^ okaiiiiiii~ my post will end with that very comment and my wonderful Q.O.T.D/Ss~~~

Q.O.T.D/S.<choose one>: Write a para on your favorite character of all time or~~~ name 15 uses for cups!!!!!