Some stuff.

I understand I haven't been posting here nearly as much as I used to. I've slipped into the habit of quick checking and leaving, without any posting in between.

I had an (actually somewhat meaningful!) idea for a post earlier today but then I remembered that it wasn't that important at all. Though honestly, 96% of what comes out of my mouth is unimportant and I really need a shock collar or something that I can use to correct this issue.

Hmm. Whaaaat else.

About a month ago, I went to Albuquerque Comic Expo and had an obscene amount of fun and met some people that I'd previously only known online. (though I ended up embarrassing myself immensely since I completely forgot how terrible I am to interact with offline)
-sad sigh-


I've felt really stressed out recently, which is weird. You know why this is weird? This is weird because I have next to nothing to be stressed out about.

Well, I'm probably going to delete this pretty soon. I got a horrible night's sleep last night. Couldn't sleep until 4:00 (A.M.), woke up at about 8:30(still A.M.), woke up a bunch in between then, and I can't sleep yet because I have to register for classes at midnight tonight (little over an hour from now), and then I have to wake up at 5:00-6:00 tomorrow morning for stuff. (Stuff which will involve me sitting in a chair for four hours listening to people talk. If I'm even slightly drowsy for that I'm gonna die.)

(no I seriously might die if I can't pay attention)

(I mean I'm not saying a plague of locusts will rain in from the windows of the room I'm in and eat me alive if I start to fall asleep but most of what I have to listen to has to do with safety and how to not die and junk)

(this safety is very important and could potentially result in life or death one day)

(Even though being eaten by locusts in that fashion would be pretty cool)

(jeez if I ever die I want to come back as a ghost that can summon locusts to eat people that would seriously be awesome)

(I mean if ghosts and junk even happen to exist)

(I'll probably be dead in a few years anyways so I need to start planning this just in case)

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh good night I'm so tired I can't feel my eyes