Let's have a better week.

I'm feeling much, much, much better than was last week so I think this week'll be much better.
I think one reason I'm feeling good is because I got what was bothering me off my chest with someone, which I would do much more often, were I not terribly embarrassed to do so.
Valentine's Day is coming up!
Valentine's day is one of my favorite holidays.
I hope I can find something special to do with my sweetheart this Valentine's day, but we're long distance currently and it seems he doesn't much enjoy Skype calls, soo...

I hate talking on the phone so much. Someone I'm not terribly fond of has been bothering me by phone all weekend.

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Oh. Noisuf X came out with a new album earlier in the week. That made me endlessly happy considering I've been waiting for it since December. Worth the wait, I say.

Let's have a great day,
+Alexander H.