The Legend of Korra

yes that's right.

I don't know if any of you guys know about the new series, Legend of Korra.
the airdate was revealed yesterday (March 14th), that will premiere in April 14th in Nickelodeon, from there in every saturday at 11 a.m.

you wanna know the general idea is here (if you want to know more):

or here on

or those who knows the news for sometime ,etc

here some clips

Young Korra:


pencil tests clips


not over yet:
Korra is scheduled to Premiere April 14th on TV, now there is a chance that fans can unlock the premiere by going to the brand new website . The rules are if we as fans are able to generate at least 100,000 Likes or Shares (via Twitter or Facebook) the premiere will be unlocked weeks before it is scheduled to premiere on TV.