The Princess and the Songster

A sketchy I did a while back. Sometime in October probably.

It's inspired by a story my sister and I came up with wherein Yuri (the smug one on the right) performed as a songster for Edelgard (the bug-eyed one on the left). This was shortly after her trauma and she was still in a fragile state, mind and body; he was summoned to soothe her when she became unmanageable, such as after a nightmare (like this drawing depicts). He was very kind to her and the two became friends. However, as Yuri becomes closer to Princess Hresvelg and learns more dark secrets involving the imperial family, power-hungry nobles, and an insidiously evil society, he must decide whether he's willing to risk everything to help her or if he should extricate himself from this situation before it's too late. . . I hope everything turns out okay; but we have yet to reach the conclusion, so I'm not sure. >-<

In this story, she's thirteen and he's fifteen; but I'm terrible at depicting age correctly so they look a lot younger. :P Ah, well.