Gender: Still Female

Apperance: A intricate purple dress that shadows the knees and ribbons flow out whenever she moves. Matching gloves and a headband with flowers on it over long white hair matches with those pierceing red eyes. Symbols,ears and a tail show that she is of the Human Cat breed.

Personality: Cool, fun, wacky and just a wee bit daring.. Always puts a shine on things.

Element: Moon/moonlight

Specialties: Turn into a shadow and can call upon the light of the moon. Can cast insanity and take ancient marks and turn them into weapons. Can also heal wounds and create barriars as well. She can take form of somebody she knows (Knocks them out in the process though) and sees in pure darkness. Has great agility and balance proved because she can jump off a 10,000 feet cliff and will always land on her feet. Blind enemys with light. Can see auras and can talk with people through the moon as long as they are both looking at it. (if its not in the sky, its not possible.) Gets visions of the past or future that hides a hidden message.

Weapon: Diamond gemstone on wrist holds a black heart that she uses to fight with. Holds magic which she whips into weapons. 2 swords avalible when magic not avalible.

Other: Spirit of the moon. Littie and Mayrura accompany and fight alongside her. They both have their skills and both owe there lives to Moonsong. Moonsong from the past came back and now is stuck in the future. Leon apparently knows Moonsong from Althorias and is unvieling things, little things at a time.