Maria/Tessa update

Name: Maria/Tessa
Gender: Female/Female
Apperance: Maria: Silvery-white hair with Purple streaks at the front, black eyes, dark purple wings and black armor. Tessa: Same (black hair, silver eyes, blood-red wings and red armor)
Personality: Maria: Sarcastic, but has a weak spot for people who are hurting. Tessa: Gentle and caring
Element: Flesh
Specialties: Maia: Armed and unarmed aerial and ground based combat, some healing, flesh destruction on contact or through weapons, tracking via auras (smell and sight). Tessa: Healing and aura tracking through smell
Weapon: Maria: Main weapon is a bullwhip, secondary weapons are daggers that she can throw or use at close range. Tessa: doesn’t fight
Other: (Maria is now the dominant personality)