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Black Kiss-Moonsong/Rin-15050 pts Lvl 150
Itachiweasle-Spati/Hela-14250 pts Lvl 142
Brother of Evil
Alicie-Yuuki-4700 pts Lvl 47
Lone Wolf
Dark Magic
CDCDCD89-Tessa/Maria-8500 lvl 85
Opposites Attract
VanillaFantasy-Yuna-3000 lvl 30
Chisana Hikari-Rika-0 lvl 0
Redmoon wolf-Ciel-3000 lvl 30
The Otherside (Where people go after they die)
ZelostheGreat-Cio Arris-3000 lvl 30
Cooki Monstress-Falcon-600 lvl 6

Every time you go up in rank, you can add more specialtys or change your appearance if you want. So first you might be wearing black with white stripes and then you reach amatuer and you decide to go pure black. Whatever goes better with whats happening in the story. The rank your at changes or upgrades your profile entry in other words. Work hard everyone :D
Summary: Stuff you may need to know.

Evil character: Leon

Mission: To destroy the machines that are stealing magic from places in the Otherworlds. Also, to get as much information as possible, the Chiros are "working" with Leon to try and ruin his plan.

(By the way, Lvl 1000 is god level.)

Tessa~Fine, don't tell me

As Victor vanished into the room, I rolled my eyes. "Just great, someone else keeping me in the dark about stuff that's probably important. Well, I could deal with it before and I can deal with it now" I thought as I listened intently for voices.

A few minutes later, Victor Popped his head out the door.

"Coast is clear, Tesser" he said, and I walked into the room ignoring his deliberate mispronunciation of my name.

"What, exactly," I asked him, "am I looking for?"

I didn't wait for his answer--I knew better than that by now--but instead began sweeping the room with my eyes, careful not too touch anything at first. Of course, I didn't think that Leon would be stupid enough to leave whatever-it-was we were looking for in plain sight, but I hoped I'd find a clue before having to physically move anything.

Victor -- Time For Fun

"Well," Tessa said, a resolute look on her face. "Shall we get started?" "Absolutely! Just follow my lead and, Tessa darling, you should try to trust me when I tell you to do something; after all, if you don't you're dead, because the minute...

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I was out looking at the beutiful,tall, and elegant trees. Standing there with Rain made me feel a little bit odd. It's either the fact that I haven't seen the others in a while, or Rain hasn't hurt me... Yet... "Are you sure you know where we're going?" asked Rain. I nodded. My eyes widened while seeing a couple of lines representing vains.
Eventually I saw Moonsong in a fort of some-what in my vision. It looked like Leon's fort. She was in a laboratory on a table. She looked dead... I began to gain my regular vision again. "What was it this time?" Asked Rain. "I saw Moonsong, but Ciel probably already on that task. Right now It's up to us to find Mia."
On our adventure to find Mia, I grabbed my knife. "Whoa, you don't have to take it out!" Yelled Rain. I rolled my eyes. "If a dangerous animal comes I'll be prepared." I replied.
After an estimate of about 2 hours, I saw Mia. There was another person with her, but I wasn't quite sure who it was. "Mia!" Rain and I said. We ran to her as she ran to us. "Hey! We were looking for you!" I said. Standing with her, was Arryl.I haven't seen her in a long amount of time, which was kind of sad. I was interested to hear about there astonishing adventure.

Tessa~Uneasy alliance

I stared at Victor for a moment, then shrugged. If he was willing to stick his neck out for Maria (which part of me still doubted), I'd work with him. I was well aware though, that, should Victor betray me, I was as good as dead. I was no match for Maria in battle, and she was no match for Leon, so if Leon showed up while I was in his rooms, I was toast--lovely.

Still, what Victor had said about Skylar made sense, and I certainly didn't fully trust him. So leaving him in the dark was no real concern to me. It meant though, leaving Maria in the dark, which meant she couldn't be used as backup.

"Well," I said at last, "shall we get started?

Cio- I See London? Or Is It France?


Walking around in no where is fun. I'm not joking... It's about as exciting as ten dimes, and that's a riot of fun... There was trees that looked cool, yellow grass, staining memories, everything a miserable person, who just killed someone, needs. I looked at my gloves. I frowned. These gloves really do cause trouble and death, like Pandora's Box. Maybe I'm just the personal Pandora's box... I thought to myself. I laughed. I looked over at some rocks, and wandered over. I sat down and rubbed my stomach.
"Oh gezz, I'm in need of a fluid... Hopefully water..." I moaned. I sat back, and that's when I heard a small trickle of water. I turned around, almost falling over. Back behind was a small spring.
"What luck!" I ran around and scooped some up in my hands. It was good and clean and cool. Like a good joke or humor when someone falls asleep and they wake themselves up or like camels... I looked up from the tiny spring. Do I see... People???