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You must customize your Chiro to fit you and what you think will be best fitting for this journey. Using the following information you should fill out, I will judge whether your strong enough, metally and physically, to do this.
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Black Kiss-Moonsong/Rin-15050 pts Lvl 150
Itachiweasle-Spati/Hela-14250 pts Lvl 142
Brother of Evil
Alicie-Yuuki-4700 pts Lvl 47
Lone Wolf
Dark Magic
CDCDCD89-Tessa/Maria-8500 lvl 85
Opposites Attract
VanillaFantasy-Yuna-3000 lvl 30
Chisana Hikari-Rika-0 lvl 0
Redmoon wolf-Ciel-3000 lvl 30
The Otherside (Where people go after they die)
ZelostheGreat-Cio Arris-3000 lvl 30
Cooki Monstress-Falcon-600 lvl 6

Every time you go up in rank, you can add more specialtys or change your appearance if you want. So first you might be wearing black with white stripes and then you reach amatuer and you decide to go pure black. Whatever goes better with whats happening in the story. The rank your at changes or upgrades your profile entry in other words. Work hard everyone :D
Summary: Stuff you may need to know.

Evil character: Leon

Mission: To destroy the machines that are stealing magic from places in the Otherworlds. Also, to get as much information as possible, the Chiros are "working" with Leon to try and ruin his plan.

(By the way, Lvl 1000 is god level.)


I didn't know it was Alicies b-day!!! The like, awesomest part of the year. The day where its like all about YOU!!! If you haven't already, say Happy Birthday to Alicie!!!! Or just comment down below! HAPPY LA...

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Tessa/Maria~Guess who's back?

~Tessa~ After speaking with Spati and Ciel, I headed to my room. When I got there, I found Maria, who seemed a little crestfallen--not a good look for her if you ask me (which I know you didn't). Anyway, I saw her sitting ...

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Spati-Leon's room

I walked down the halls and turned the corner into the kitchen. "It's been quiet...", I yawned as I grabbed a sandwich and took a bite. "Wonder what everyone's up to?", I said as I walked out of the kitchen and continued down the hall until I saw two familiar figures. "Tessa? Ciel? What going on?", I asked as they looked my way. "Nothing really.", Tessa said. "I hope I didn't go to hard on you back there Ciel.", I said as I finished my sandwich. "I fine.", he replied. "By the way, I passed Leon's room and it seemed to be oddly warm in there. Anyone know why?", I asked as Ciel shook his head. I looked over at Tessa. "I'll tell you later.", she said as I nodded and walked away to my room.

Tessa~heading back

After waiting as Victor had suggested, I headed in the direction that he had pointed. Sure enough, I soon came to a road, and took to the air, following it. I could, of course fly faster than I could walk, so in no time I was back at Leon's fortress. I was able to easily let myself back in, wondering at the idea that I'd been able to get out in the first place. I figured that Leon had probably meant to trap me somehow, but I had no clue why--after all, I was fairly useless to his plans.

As I walked the halls (somewhat aimlessly, I'll admit) I sensed a somewhat familiar aura. Following it, I soon caught up with Ciel.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him, glad that it wasn't Skylar.

"I'm here to...um...rescue Moonsong" he answered, sounding a bit uncertain.

Victor -- Too Easy

Something about this whole expedition was wrong. Leon hadn't popped up, no cameras or surveillance. This was WAY too easy. "So, sweetheart, you're looking for something different. Papers, books, journals, anything; graphs, charts, maps. Got ...

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