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Black Kiss-Moonsong/Rin-15050 pts Lvl 150
Itachiweasle-Spati/Hela-14250 pts Lvl 142
Brother of Evil
Alicie-Yuuki-4700 pts Lvl 47
Lone Wolf
Dark Magic
CDCDCD89-Tessa/Maria-8500 lvl 85
Opposites Attract
VanillaFantasy-Yuna-3000 lvl 30
Chisana Hikari-Rika-0 lvl 0
Redmoon wolf-Ciel-3000 lvl 30
The Otherside (Where people go after they die)
ZelostheGreat-Cio Arris-3000 lvl 30
Cooki Monstress-Falcon-600 lvl 6

Every time you go up in rank, you can add more specialtys or change your appearance if you want. So first you might be wearing black with white stripes and then you reach amatuer and you decide to go pure black. Whatever goes better with whats happening in the story. The rank your at changes or upgrades your profile entry in other words. Work hard everyone :D
Summary: Stuff you may need to know.

Evil character: Leon

Mission: To destroy the machines that are stealing magic from places in the Otherworlds. Also, to get as much information as possible, the Chiros are "working" with Leon to try and ruin his plan.

(By the way, Lvl 1000 is god level.)

Victor -- A Talk

Victor looked up as Spati came over "Can we talk?" he asked.
"Sure, anytime." Victor Grinned. "How's the body? You'll want to take good care of it, trust me."
I looked at the two of them, then at everyone else. Why was it that we were the only ones who were separate? Why?

Yuuki- long night

Yuuki~ It was such a long night,the shooting stars a couple night seemed like a lifetime ago.Since then We have had a few fights, a couple close calls and some other unfortunate events. The only positive is that I don't have the annoying ur...

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Lepidus - Emotional???-

Once Lepidus and his companions reached the campsite... Lepidus walked off into the forest to where he could be alone.... with his ribs still bothering him he curled up next to a tree stump and began to sing to himself about the many treasures in life that he had taken for granted.....he fealt a tear fall from his eye so he closed his eyes as tight as he could and sang a little louder. From the melody he was singing and the emotion he put into it his ribs where healed and he regained his strength again. he wiped his eyes.....and drifted away into a deep slumber....he was at peace for the first time in many days

Spati- Raven

As the group truged forward throught the group, I kept on thinking about how Niddhogg knew Victor...I guess I'll have to ask him. The group stopped at a lake to the northwest about 5 miles from the first campsite. "Alright everyone...lets stop here for a time and set up camp.", I said as I dropped next to a rock near the lake. "I guess these wounds are still taking a toll on my body...haha!", I said as I looked over at Victor..."Hey, Victor...can we talk?", I said as he looked over at me.

Lepidus -Penny for your thoughts?-

Lepidus was concearned......" How n the world are we supposed to kill that bloke without harming spati....its all to risky........" he said to himself...... Lepidus began thinking........there i no way to find a solution to this problem without meeting this foe again........" I pray he shows himself again soon......." Lepidus gives a twisted smirk " why couldnt it have been a woman ???" he laughed lol I could have had a better chance of charming a girl than some preteen pain in the ass.......- he smiled to himself........" Your such a man whore- he thought....he suddenly laughed so hard that he clenched his ribs......-curse my sense of humor-