Major Dream ("Kokoro E")

English cover version for the song "Kokoro e" (心絵) - TV version

As I sit and ponder on
All those dreams I fantasize,
I go out and see the world
And then I realize.

It keeps changing here and there.
Nothing's constant in this world,
But there's one thing that I can be sure of.

I go watch the daylight sun
As it starts a brand new day.
Morning ends, and I could see
How life just fades away.

Sunset follows up so soon
And from then it all makes sense.
Evening comes and
Everything is diff'rent.

And as I scavenge through the relics,
I find the dreams that I have cherished.
Hear it out! The voice is crying loud.
Hear it out! My heart is beating loud.

'Til the day my tears would run dry,
I'll carry on to search
The meaning of my life,

'Til the day my tears would subside,
I'll go on my journey
Though times it may be rocky.

With my hands, I will take that step,
Go out, and reach
My major dreams.

Original Japanese music and lyrics by Kenichi Kitagawa
Original song performed by: Road of Major



This is my original English version of the song "Kokoro e" by Road of Major. The original Japanese song was used as the theme song for the anime series Major.

This is not a direct translation of the original Japanese song. Creative liberties were utilized in the making of this English version. For instance, there is no reference to the changing of the four seasons in this song, and instead it has been replaced by sunrise and sunset. Still, I made sure to let the English version carry out the same message that was originally intended by the Japanese version.

True to the spirit of Major, I also did my best to channel the life of Goro Honda/Goro Shigeno in the making of this song. This song reflects how Goro continues to push forward to achieve his dreams despite the trials that test him.

A YouTube version demonstrating how the song is sung can be viewed here: (I apologize if I don't sing too well.)

Original Japanese lyrics and music were done by Kenichi Kitagawa.