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You can call me The Mask. In some sites, I'm also known as Detective Mask. I was born on April 12, 1990, making me 25 years old as of this time. I've been a theOtaku member for over 10 years already.

I'm a wandering teacher striving to enhance my skills. I'm also a longtime anime fan, and my all-time favorite anime/manga franchises include Detective Conan (Case Closed), MAJOR, Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X), Silver Spoon, and Death Note.

Some other notes: I'm a loyal Detective Conan fan for over a decade already. I'm also a pro-wrestling otaku, mainly with WWE. I love learning about history and I have a soft spot for social psychology.

It's great to have you in my Cafe. Feel free to browse around. Take care and may you have a nice day!

It's Friday, Friday

So it's Friday the 13th. What better way to celebrate another Friday than listen to everyone's favorite song:

Alright, so it isn't everyone's favorite song. Not really sure why people are ranting like crazy about this song, though. It was silly, yes, but not something for people to give death threats to the singer. And the rapper? Not really a big deal, since the same thing happened to this popular '90s song by Michael Jackson.

Or maybe I've become used to the criticisms that I decided to look it at a different angle.


On other stuff, I just learned that a student here in the Philippines was sentenced to two months of volunteer work for killing a cat back in 2009. This is the same guy that I blogged about on that same year regarding his actions.

It's good to see that the guy is being disciplined for his action. Hopefully, this experience has indeed changed his point of view.

And after looking back at what I posted, I still stand by what I said then. The criticisms he got were just too harsh, to the point of getting Photoshopped in a Wanted sign (which, unfortunately, is the graphic used when the media reported the sentence today). I just hope those other people grew up for a change and stopped the narcissistic trolling.


Well, that's all for now. HAVE A NICE DAY!

EDIT: So Ron Paul just announced that he is running for president again. Wonderful news! Wishing him the best in his third bid for the presidency.

A Small Step for Man

1. Well, I managed to get a part-time job. Right now, I work occasionally as a test administrator for a nonprofit testing center that conducts diagnostic exams on several schools in the province.

2. For every test I administer, I get a hundred pesos (approx. US$ 2.00). And since I handled three exams today (which was also my first day), I got three hundred bucks in the pocket.

3. Today, I handled second year high school students in my job. It was a nice experience for me, especially since I have plans of becoming a high school teacher in the near future. Though there were some disruptions, it was still good.

4. Despite having a part-time job, I still need to find myself a full-time job to earn more money and more professional experience. So yeah, the search continues...

5. This week, my dad decided to go ahead and study for a law degree. And I can't believe I just typed that last statement.

6. Some of the people around me are encouraging me to pursue a law degree myself, but I'm quite allergic of that idea at this point. There's something in the career of a lawyer that really turns me off, which is quite a surprise for an election and political geek who has high regard for Detective Conan.

7. My dad was initially clueless with regards to 'Executive Orders" and "Republic Acts", and yet the guy who didn't wanna study law knows damn well the basic difference between the two. (Hint: President creates the E.O., Congress creates the R.A.)

8. Next week, our new President and Vice-President will formally assume office. I wonder what the future holds for all of us.

9. Kris Aquino. Remember this name. I bet you'll be hearing her name countless times during the upcoming administration. She may simply be President-elect Aquino's younger celebrity sister, but she is so full of controversies, some of which were unnecessarily publicized, that it may not take long before foreign media would take notice.

10. I almost forgot. Today is the first death anniversary of Michael Jackson. It still is shocking that he's already gone, and that I had made this post a year ago. In memory of the late King of Pop, here is him performing in Manila in what is probably the Filipinos' most popular and most loved Michael Jackson song of all time:

That's all for today. HAVE A NICE DAY!

HIStory: Detective Conan (A Song Tribute)

Ever since Gosho Aoyama introduced Detective Conan in 1994, the series has gone on to become one of the longest-running and internationally successful manga and anime series in modern times. With more than a decade of presence in almost every form...

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Detective Mask on the Dance Floor

Well, I've managed to get over my illness in the past weeks and was fit enough to join the retreat, finalize our thesis (which was a killer!), and attend the graduation ball.

And that leads to today's post. Yes, boys and girls. Detective Mask hit the dance floor during the graduation ball. And you know what he danced? It's none other than his theme song: "Smooth Criminal" by Michael Jackson.

Yes, you probably saw me dance with that song back when I cosplaying as Conan Edogawa. But that one had time limits, and so it was short. In this new performance, I had enough time to do the whole dance routine as Michael would do it in his concerts.

So, at the risk of finally getting unmasked, here is me dancing again to "Smooth Criminal":

Oops! Nothing to see here. Sorry.

By the way, there's an earlier version of this performance in YouTube. But I don't think you need to see that...'coz you know...I'm just unmasking myself further if I do that. If you're really curious to see it, you can go ask SomeGuy.

Here's Your Conan Edogawa Dance

Okay, I've decided to post my cosplay skit as Detective Conan. Now you may be wondering why I'm cool with this.

Apparently, the video quality isn't really high. That means one thing: THE MASK IS STILL NOT UNMASKED!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

Anyway, enjoy the sight.

Oops! Nothing to see here. Sorry.