OC Interviews


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Well Leucer, we’re ready for your interview now!
Leucer *Finish to write something* This is fine, but let’s be quick and concise will you? As you can see I’m a very busy man, that doesn’t have time to waste in insouciant activities as these.. *very elegantly pours some tea in his cup* May I offer you a cup of tea?

Nah thanks. It is hard to be in command of Team Nero?
Leucer: *sighs and massages his temples* You have no idea. I’m surrounded by idiots. They’re lazy, ignorant and disrespectful. *takes a sip of tea * that being said I’m able to straighten them out, and under my control they actually manage to get the job done.

Tell me a quality of yours! And one flaw?
Leucer: Flaws..? I don’t have any. As for those that some incredible unnerving people can take out of me. It’s quite annoying to not be able to show my savoir-faire, having often to deal with such ignorant figures.. *carefully put’s his cup down, tilts his head* Those pests must be reeducated, or disposed of, unhesitatingly.

Random question, It’s being blind a problem for your work?
Leucer: *align some documents on his desk* That’s nothing but a small inconvenience for me. In fact there’s almost nothing I can’t do, even without sight. I have to admit though that’s quite annoying to not be able to read, or watch myself at the mirror. *adjust his hair a little*

What’s the relationship with your brother? You two are so different!
Leucer: *Relax a little on his chair* Ah Zamboni… He such an intelligent and witty person In fact.. if only he could use his brain for doing something serious and not just fool around. He would be a great ally, but instead I always have to remedy his stupidities. *big sigh* Luckily for him I still undoubtedly love him.

Why people should vote for you?
Leucer: Because that’s the only sane, unimpeachable choice anyone could make. *looks at you in the soul with severity* You really don’t want your vote go to waste with any simpleminded character, vaguely based on some sympathy for their stupidity, don't you?

Zamboni: *Runs in and throws himself on the desk* Itsmahturnyett? *sending a kiss to Leucer* Heyya bro!

Leucer: *sighs* Go away all of you. I have to continue my work now.