OC Interviews


Are you ready for the interview Jenna? I surely am! *happy*

Jenna: *shrugs* Umpf, I don’t really care about it, but my Boss convinced me to do it.. so let’s just start already. *light up a cigarette and takes on puff of it*

You’re very buff (and amazing) you must train a lot!
Jenna: I can spend even 10 hour training per day, if I don’t have to do stuff with my Boss. The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle. I have to be ready for anything. *nods* when it comes to my Boss, who knows in what situations we might end up.

Don’t you ever get tired of this kind of life? I mean Zamboni never listen and put himself in trouble very moment!

Jenna: No. I don’t stop when I’m tired, I stop when I’m done. I’ll go through the end of what I must do, and that’s it. Plus I really enjoy the time with my Boss. He’s amazing. And It would have ended badly for me if it wasn’t’ for him. I’m grateful that I can be at his side.

You’re surely a determined woman Jenna! What are some of yours other strengths? And weaknesses?

Jenna: Everything I became or have, I had to work a lot to gain it, and that’s my biggest strength. Nothing can replace the experience you make by trying, even if you doesn’t always succeed. Working hard and never surrender, that’s the only way to really obtain something. And now I’m tough enough to keep up with everything that came come in my way.

*inhales* oh gosh you’re way too awesome! Do you ever go visit your family, back at Desert resort? Do you miss them now that you’re always away with Zamboni?

Jenna: *shrugs* Nah I don’t miss them, but I go visit my mother by time to time. She’s one of the few people that I really respect. As for my brother, I often meet here and there, and I like to just beat some sense into him, right on his dumb face. *grins and puts her cigarette out with her foot*

How cute! We are the end Why would people vote for you? I surely would since I’m a big fangirl of you! *fangirling hard*

Jenna: *moves some from me* …yeah. I couldn’t care less of people opinion on me, so just vote for my Boss instead. He’s the best. You better vote for him or I’m gonna make you pay, that’s for sure.