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Zamboni: *moaning* isn’t still my turn yet? I have tons of interesting things to say!
*Menacing him with a shoe* fly away Zamboni! It won’t be your turn until I decide it! You’re annoying!
Zamboni: *”rolls eyes”* Booooring! *flies away*

We are ready to start this interview! But I really had to come all the way here in Kalos?
Cynosaura: of course mon ami! Don’t you feel the energy of this place? Lumiose city it’s just the best place in the world for me. *happily sip her drink*

What’s a quality, and a weaknesses of yours?
Cynosaura *closes her eyes and smile, thinking for a second* some people think I’m quite cocky sometime, but I can assure you that mine is not presumption! I just enjoy living life at its best, and what good its humility anyway? I think it’s just an excuse to not try hard in what we do.

Would you like to start a family on your own?
Cynosaura: Mmmh, that would be cute, but I have so many “kids” already, plus I need to find the right person for that..

Did you find any interesting candidate yet?

Cynosaura: Nope, I just want to have some fun for now! (๑>؂•̀๑)

What about this thing of yours about “adopting” random people? Your kids are really growing in number..

Cynosaura: What can I say, when I see depressed and insecure creature I just have to do something! bien sûr mon chéri! *Passionate, glimmering eyes* I want everyone to feel fabulous and shine like superstars! *winks* So I became their Mama!

Any other projects for the future?
Cynosaura: Well for now I’ll just continue to travel, I have trusted people to take care of business in my jewelry store, and one day I’m surely gonna become a champion, just wait and see!

Any last word?
Yes, you should totally invest in a better conditioner hon, your hair looks so frizzy!

*hides head in hood grumbling* we’re not talking about me! Why people should vote for you, Cynosaura?
Cynosaura: Because I’m pretty awesome! *winks* me and my fans could totally go drink something together, it’s on me!