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Cynosaura Rafflesian-Dragmara

Name: Cynosaura Rafflesian Dragmara (Has both parents surnames, not a second name)
Pokémon: Venusaur
National #: 003
Title: Seed Pokémon
Type of Pokémon: Grass, Poison
Nicknames: Saura
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Birthday: 14th of May
Sign: Taurus

Nature: Sassy- Cynosaura is a lively woman who have a lot of guts, is spontaneous and a bit cheeky. She likes to live life at the fullest. She’s very energetic and likes to give her best and working hard on what she likes or wants to do.

Held Items: Black Sludge earring, sometimes she can wear a miracle seed too.

Ability: Overgrow (Powers up Grass-type moves when the Pokémon's HP is low.) Chlorophyll (Boosts the Pokémon's Speed stat in sunshine.) Thick Fat (Boosts resistance to Fire- and Ice-type moves)

Attacks: Sweet Scent, Petal Dance, Sunny Day , Protect , Grass Knot, Nature Power, Energy Ball, Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, Leech Seed, Take Down, Sludge Bomb, Synthesis, Petal Blizzard, Solar Beam, Frenzy Plant.

Weak Against: Flying, Fire, Psychic, Ice
Height: 170 cm (5”7’?)
Weight: Information not available
Hair Color: Blue-green
Hair Length: Mid-short, over her shoulders
Eye Color: Red/Magenta
Skin Tone: Dusky pink

Build: Tall, round and curvy, she has muscular arms and quite a presence
Tattoos: A rafflesia arnoldii on the center of her back
Piercings: Different earrings on each ear
Job: Adventurer; actually owns a jewelry shop in Lumiose city, but she doesn’t work there.

Appearance: Cynosaura it’s a big woman, being quite tall and having muscular arms. She likes to take care of herself, from having fabulous hair to perfect nails, and of course her make up it’s always on point, but when it comes the time, she’s can be quite a practical woman who’s always ready for any situation. She likes to wear large hats and pretty clothes even for the everyday life, but she still like to be quite comfy for fighting or just adventuring. She loves good scents and she’ll always will have a good perfume on her.

Personality: Cynosaura is open, kind and friendly, but also astute and flirty. She’s a real diva and she shows it from her fashion choices to her confident way of moving around. She’s not afraid to show her vamps attitude, as she’s very sure of herself, but not for this she thinks low of other people, and quite the opposite she likes to help people to be as fabulous as they can be. She’s quite strong willed and stubborn and when she has an idea or a plan she just go for it without second thoughts.

Orientation: Heterosexual
Significant Other: With too many hot men around she just can’t chose one.
Rival: /
Family: Aurorus (Father) Ivysaur (mother)
Hometown: Lumiose City


Likes: Good fragrances (of every type, from food to flowers), shopping, hot men, attending elegant events such as dinners or cocktails.
Dislikes: Disrespectful people, lack of dialogue, greasy foods or stinking places
Fears: Breaking a promise she made, To not be able to earn her mega stone one day, seeing her business fail.
Strength: Helping people feeling better (she always tries her best at least), awesome singer, very skilled at poker or card games in general, quite a capable businesswoman, actually has a lot of secret skills.
Weaknesses: Cooking, Being modest (she doesn’t think it as a flaw thought), saving money, sometimes she speaks her mind too impulsively but she’s getting better.

Battle Style: Cynosaura rarely fights in nonofficial battles, as gym leaders or other battle institutions. She prefers to train alone or with her teammates than fighting other people. She’s quite a direct fighter who doesn’t use a lot of strategies, but more of heavy, focused moves like Take Down, Sludge Bomb, or in some occasions Nature Power. She’s not thoughtless thought, as she knows her own limits and makes sure to never surpass them fighting against too powerful opponents. She’s quite skilled in defense too, as she can protect and heal herself with different of her moves, also if the opponent gets too close, Cynosaura will make sure to make it harmless by using the sense of smell against it with moves like sleep powder or sweet scent.


Food: Caviar canapé (Fancy Cocktails food in general)
Drink: Mimosa
Color: Fuchsia
Season: Spring
Activity: Shopping and helping poor unfortunate souls with her awesomeness.


Cynosaura was born in Lumiose City, in the region of Kalos. From her early childhood, she has always been quite a strong willed person, thanks to her parents, especially her mother, who always encouraged her to do her best in every situation. When Cynosaura was little and went to school, even if she was quite a squat and round girl no bully dared to make fun of her, because she knew how to assert herself and did not hesitate to beat the bragger by time to time. When someone else was targeted, she was the first to going out there to defend him, so it didn’t take long for Cynosaura to gain a large group of friends and admirers. She liked very much helping people in need, and not without a hint of vanity, she really liked being idolized too.

Her parents were the owners of one of the biggest jewelers in Lumiose City, where Cynosaura used to spent many hours when she came back to school. She loved to observe all those glittering jewels in the showcases, and she could not wait to grow up to be able to wear as much as possible of them. Her parents told her that when they were older she would have been the owner of the shop, and it would have been almost as if those precious were all her own, but Cynosaura had other plans for the future, maybe a little too many in fact. She wanted to become famous, and known and loved by everyone, and to do good to people too, and every day she changed her future projects. One day would have been the greatest designer ever known, another a famous singer, one more a fascinating actress who starred in all the best movies.

One day a great parade was held in Lumiose City. Everywhere there were jubilant people, confetti and music. Cynosaura went to Centrico Plaza to see it with her parents and was absolutely amazed by that show. She wondered what caused the whole party in town, and her father explained that it was about a new champion taking charge in the Kalos league. The champion wasn’t just any person too, but a charming girl, looking rather young. Cynosaura looked at her, full of admiration, and finally decided what she would grow up to be: The champion.

At the beginning her parents smiled at this idea, but as usual they lovingly supported her, since they thought that the new project would have been changed within a few weeks. But when the months passed and then the years, and Cynosaura, now a teenager, continued to practice her future championship, they decided to make her think about it. Of course, as a young Ivysaur full of energy, she wasn’t weak, but surely she wasn’t even remotely up to the league, or perhaps even a gym leader. Besides Cynosaura had an energetic, but too refined way to fight. Sometimes for her it was more important to fight with class than to really defeat the opponent. But Cynosaura seemed adamant about her decision, and after many discussions, she finally revealed that she would have had an ace up his sleeve.

For a long time she had set her sights on the shining Venasaurite that was on display with the other mega stones in the windows of their jewelry store, and was sure that with the mega evolution she would be able to defeat any opponent. Her parents scolded her for being so arrogant and naive to think that it would be enough for her to succeed, where others had failed even with so much experience and hard work. In addition, her father forbade her to possess a mega stone even when she would have evolved, saying that if it was really that her dream she would have to earn it. After a lot of complaints (and just that bit of melodrama that Cynosaura had learned to use when she was studying acting) her father gave up and made a promise, if she could defeat all the Gym Leaders in the region with no other help but her strength and ability, he would have considered giving her the Venasaurite.

And so, as soon as she had finished school, Cynosaura left for the Kalos region to be able to face the first gym, deciding to go to Cyllage City given her advantage of types. But despite all her boldness, she was not able to defeat the gym leader. Surprised by this, she didn’t give up and continued to return to the gym, also trying to train with the other teams who were there for the same purpose. Cynosaura didn’t like the training too much and did not see any big changes, so at the end she decided to change tactics. What she needed to do was to find a team of her own to deal with the gyms. Her father didn’t said anything against it, and she would have needed some comrades with whom to face the league in any case.

One day she arrived to the near city, Geosenge Town, and there she found a large group of people visiting the large rock structure at the center. At first she thought they could be tourists visiting the place, since Geosenge was quite famous as a tourist resort, but she noticed how they all wore weird clothing, similar as weird scientists coats. So she decided to approach and ask, being particularly curious and not at all shy. To answer her was a young Delphox, who, despite the nervous air and the particularly apprehensive attitude, presented himself as one of the chief scientist of that group. Although he had a strong Kalosian accent, the young man told how they had come there to visit from Alola, on behalf of the Aether Foundation who had a desire to expand in that region.

After He explained what Aether Foundation was and what was their mission, Cynosaura liked very much the idea of an organization that was traveling to help others, and since it was still stuck in a stalemate, she asked the man to join them to help out. The young man seemed startled by that girl's request, and after freezing up for a moment (and apparently sweating a little bit?) and after consulting with his colleagues, he decided that having a local inhabitant could be useful, and that "every person of good will who want to help the Pokémon was well accepted in the Aether Foundation" he said automatically trying his best to politely smile, as if he had tried that phrase before saying to a real audience. Cynosaura could not help but find that boy adorable even if a clod, trying his best to be reliable when it seemed he was the first one to need a hand.

For some time she just went around with the group, that also, she just grew fonder of Voltaire, who was, in beyond his appearances, a kind, intelligent and very skilled man. Cynosaura learned that he had graduated in medicine thanks to the Aether Foundation that had paid for his studies. When it came to work, he looked like another person, becoming very professional and almost sure of himself, but as soon as his tasks ended he would once again be the anxious fox of all time. But in time he too began to bond with Cynosaura too, who was always very patient and kind to him.

Things seemed to get smooth for a while, but apparently there were problems at the headquarters of the Aether Foundation in Alola, and the group could no longer contact them for some time. Then, after a few days, the notice was given that the foundation had been dissolved, and the funds for the Kalos expedition had been blocked. As it wasn’t enough, sometime later voices about the foundation president reputation started spreading through from Alola. Surprised and shocked, the group was initially undecided about what to do. Then some decided to return to Alola, others to stay in Kalos as the foundation no longer existed.

As for poor Voltaire, he was simply in total panic. Seeing his friend so desperate, Cynosaura tried to reassure him and make him think, of for how unexpected or bad that situation might seem for him, it was not then the end of the world in the end. But Voltaire had no peace, as he had no idea what he could do, and his anxious character did not help him to think clearly. After calming him with the use of her Sweet Scent, Cynosaura took him gently in his arms and proposed to continue his journey to Kalos with her, so in the meantime he could see if there were new prospect or opportunities for him. Dazed but slightly calmer, Voltaire consented to the idea. So the two, and some more people that also decided to join them, started to go to the different gyms.

The team, wasn’t exactly the best or the strongest, as many of them weren’t used to battle, but under Cynosaura charismatic guide, they started getting some better results after a while, and also they got to have a nice time together just exploring the region. The more serious and cool climate of work had turned in a happy friendship between them, and even if some of them had been together from years, they felt like they had finally the possibility to actually know each other. With time and effort they became stronger and some of them even evolved, even Cynosaura herself.

Two years passed, and after a long journey that led them to wander around town and meet many new people and situations, the team finally arrived at Snowbelle City to get their last badge. Even though she felt ready for the battle, Cynosaura knew that it would be easy for her and the team, and the one that would have been able to do it was Voltaire. She asked if she could count on him for that battle. The man waved his head nervously, wringing his wand in his hands. Even after all that time, fighting kept making him very nervous, and having that responsibility was very much for him to handle. But Cynosaura kept saying that he was ready and he would have been able to do it, and the other teammates kept supporting him too, as outside he seemed the old always traumatized Voltaire, but in reality he had become much stronger, not only in battle, but also in character. Now he tried, despite everything, to always give his best for his companions, and they really appreciated him for this.

Indeed the battle in the last gym was strenuous and difficult, but it was Voltaire’s Mystical Fire to grant them the victory. Enormously relieved to have done something good for once, Voltaire believed that for them to had obtained all the medals was already great result to be satisfied of. But Cynosaura had a dream to fulfill and did not want to settle for just that, so she proposed to rest a little and then go to the league to challenge it. Since they had come up there despite no one would have bothered about them, they all consented, while poor Voltaire was already sweating and struggling, thinking about the elite four.

Cynosaura decided to pay a visit to her parents she had not seen for too long. They were delighted to see her grown and evolved in Venosaur, and they were very proud of her when she showed her badges to them. His father saw how much she had committed to do what she wished and happily offered her a shining Venasaurite, but after a brief hesitation, Cynosaura declined the offer. She had come up there without the need of the stone she once thought essential, and she would have gone all the way without it. Plus she said how she didn’t need to evolve again to be "mega" awesome. The parents complimented Cynosaura for that choice and wished her the best of luck.

Unfortunately, good luck, dedication and even the best intentions aren’t enough sometimes, and their team wasn’t good enough to even get at the end of the Elite four. Voltaire was going to lament on how incable he has been and how impossible was, but seeing how Cynosaura was sad herself of the result he just smiled, took her shoulders and told her affectionately “Sous avons fait de notre mieux, pour moi nous sommes déjà champions..!” At that, Cynosaura just nodded and smiled back at him.

Obviously she didn't give up thought, and it didn’t passed much time before she decided to try again, but since she did not want to get stuck there and wished to see new places, she decided she would challenge the league of another region. As for Voltaire, he surely had lived enough emotions for a lifetime, and since fighting was too unnerving for him, he decided to return to Alola to try to give a second chance to Aether Foundation that had been refunded, and working honestly he hoped.

So after having so much recommended the two took different paths, and Cynosaura left for Unova, determined to give her best also in that new adventure.

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