Zamboni Sr Profile

Zamboni Flaggermus Senior

Name: Zamboni Flaggermus Senior
Pokèmon: Crobat
National #: 169
Title: Bat Pokémon
Type of Pokèmon: Poison/Flying
Nicknames: He’s called with many different pet names by his wife
Gender: Male
Age: 51
Birthday: 16th of September
Sign: Virgo

Nature: Naughty. Zamboni has a boundless enthusiasm for life, and likes to shows it always being energetic and curios on anything new. For him every new encounter it’s an adventure (And the opportunity to exasperate someone with his countless card tricks and sleights of hand).

Held Items: Poison Barb piercing, he also has a provision of Hyper Potions always with him.

Ability: Inner Focus (prevents the Pokémon from flinching.) Infiltrator (Passes through the foe's barrier and strikes.)

Attacks: Cross Poison ,X-Scissor, Air Slash, Giga Impact, Protect, U-turn, Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, Steel Wing, Double Team, Hyper Beam, Bite, Poison Fang, Venoshock, Supersonic, Toxic.

Weak Against: Rock, Electric, Psychic, Ice.
Height: 178 cm (5'10?)
Weight: 68 kg (149 lb?)
Hair Color: Plum purple and peacock green
Hair Length: Short and straight
Eye Color: Yellow sclera and red irises
Skin Tone: Pale (Satin)
Build: Kinda athletic, but looks slim

Markings/Scars: Has different scars on his whole body, gained in years of fighting
Tattoos: /
Piercings: Poison Barb pierced in his left ear.
Job: Sinnoh champion league (Formally retired)

Appearance: Zamboni is a middle age but still good looking man. He has a vampirish appearance, with pale skin, pointy canines and a distinctive hair due. Zamboni enjoys wearing bizarre clothing and accessories, but he still looks legit and even classy thanks to his stance. Unfortunately with age his sight has got worse, so he has to wear thick glasses to be able to see. He always has a benevolent smile on his face.

Personality: Zamboni has a great vitality and it’s always happy to discovers new things and encounter new people. He’s a really good and patient person, so he’s able to calm his wife when she’s angry or agitated. Of course he has kind of a naughty side himself: He still courts and flirts with his spouse like the very first time every time he can and enjoys to exacerbate people with his beloved card tricks. If he’s in the company of his kids he will show his final form of naughtiness with the worst dad jokes ever.

Orientation: Heterosexual
Very Significant Other: Maledit the Gengar
Rival: He’s too good to have one!
Family: Maledit (Gengar-Wife), Zamboni Jr (Crobat-Son)Leucer (Crobat-Son)
Hometown: Ravaged Path (Sinnoh)

Voice: (Corny I know, but I love this voice)


Likes: Collecting decks of cards, traveling, his most beloved wife.
Dislikes: Garlic (He’s allergic to it), people quarreling.
Fears: Losing a member of his family (especially his wife) or something bad happening to them.
Strength: Cards trick (they always work, he never stops), fast attacking/healing, dark surroundings.
Weaknesses: Poor eyesight (But can use ultrasounds to compensate), too cold temperatures.

Battle Style: Zamboni’s a quiet and patient man, so it’s hard for him to be involved in a fight. Of course he would accept a friendly fight, especially in duo with his wife. He’s very fast and his main technique is to individuate his foe weak spots to attack with strong moves like Cross Poison , X-Scissor or Hyper beam to end up the battle as quickly as possible. When he fights with Maledit he would likely help her surprising the enemy with moves like Supersonic or Double Team, he will also try to heal her every time he can. Despite being a poison type, Zamboni doesn’t like to count too much on only poisoning the foe, since he prefer more fast ways to win. He would use Toxic only if he needs time to better study the adversary.


Food: Baked cardamom honey chicken (and honey dishes in general)
Drink: Blood (especially his wife’s )
Color: Purple
Season: Winter
Activity: Cardistry and card tricks


Zamboni was born in a small colony of Zubats that lived in the Ravaged Path, in Sinnoh. All of them were related and lived peacefully in the cave like a large family.
Unfortunately when Zamboni was still a kid, a group of criminals called team Galactic started to constructed large buildings and spread in all the region, even arriving in the smaller cities like Floaroma Town, which was near to their cave.

Under the pretense of helping humanity and find new types of energy to use, they began actually to engage in criminal acts, more or less serious. Their grunts were unscrupulous and threatened anyone, making it dangerous to travel to the region, especially for young trainers, as it was customary.

The members of the colony were good people, and decided to do something about it, helping as they could. Since the ravaged path was a link between Jubilife City and FloaromaTown , it was a strategic point. The colony prevented the Galactic grunts to pass, attacking them in hordes when they tried to move, limiting their advance. Since the team Galactic was often around, some members of the colony always offered to escort people between the two safe cities, especially young trainers who came back from the laboratory of Twinleaf town and were still inexperienced.

When Zamboni was 15 years old, he and his father offered to accompany towards Floaroma town a novice trainer. Gloria was her name, and although she had a decent gijinkas group as traveling companions, accepted anyway for safety.Her turned out to be a wise decision, because at Floaroma Town team Galactic was trying to invade the Valley Windworks and a big group of grunts attacked them as they arrived. Despite the number, being in six gijinka of which an adult Crobat, they managed to disperse them and to prevent the plant from being seized.

When everything quiet down, Gloria asked to Zamboni if he wanted to join his team since had shown to be a good fighter. Zamboni was undecided, because the idea of being able to explore the region with a team was really tempting, but he also knew that his family would have had a lot to do to fight team Galactic. But his father encouraged him to accept, since the colony was already numerous enough and that he could continue to fight against the team Galactic with his companions where it was more needed. So Zamboni set off for adventure with them.

He was by nature a curious and enthusiastic boy, and since he had never gone beyond the two cities near to his cave, he could couldn’t to find out what exciting adventures would live.

In fact, two days after he was kidnapped and locked in a haunted house by a little girl as crazy as in love with him. Not being used to have so many attentions from the opposite sex, Zamboni developed a strong Stockholm syndrome. Eventually the girl joined his team to travel with them. Not even a three-day trip and he had already found a girlfriend, what a lucky bleeder!

Happy and satisfied, just left the forest to the Eterna City, Zamboni evolved for the second time. and so after only a week of travel had acquired the ability to see and a couple of extra wings. Obviously all these sudden changes were a little unsettling for him, but fortunately his team proved always very supportive and helped him in every way he needed.

In each new city they visited they always found groups of grunts that harassed the people, and so in addition to collecting badges, they also took the time to kick some Galactic ass. Which was good training too, since as taken individually the members they were only losers, with choices of look that would have given a stroke to a Team Flare grunt. But unfortunately as they continued to clash with them, getting more information, they discovered their dark and Machiavellian plans.

As they arrived in Celestic Town, they had the pleasure of meeting their leader with high cheekbones, Cyrus. He, who suffered of the pathology "do a monologue revealing my evil plan" made a monologue revealing his evil plan. That was to create a new world where he could dominate uncontested, and to do that it was necessary to destroy the existing one, since there cannot be a villain who couldn’t try to destroy half of the world, or at least an entire region.

Since were still young teens, the team decided to call the local police, unfortunately the local agent Jenny was in coffee break, and the few remaining agents were too busy to stroll around fighting eleven year-old trainers because "suspicious". So the team sighed and left for the Mt. Coronet. Once again the fate of humanity was in the hands of teenagers. There, on top of the mountain, Cyrus (not before he had made a nice monologue) had already summoned Dialga and Palkia to fulfill his evil plan. But suddenly a portal opened, and a shadowy figure grabbed Cyrus, dragging him into it. that was Giratina by the way.

Someone theorized that Giratina arrived to whisk Cyrus away to prevent further damage, since the proximity of Dialga and Palkia caused an imbalance in the structure of reality. But the rumors say that the truth is that Giratina was just jealous because Cyrus had called on his big brothers and not him. Giratina it’s so forever alone.

At that time the team was satisfied the turn of events and decided to leave Cyrus to the sadistic treatments that Giratina saved for his guests, but Cynthia (another responsible adult) threw them into the portal saying that they had to go and dredge him up. And so, after a jigsaw puzzle with moving rocks that took like forever, they found themselves in front of Cyrus, and after a surprisingly tough fight defeated him once and for all. Then Giratina, at the limit of his endurance kicked them out of his Distorted world. All's Well That Ends Well.

That what they thought, just as they remembered that they actually had started that journey to challenge the league, not beat people with bowl haircuts, so they finally headed to the league. They challenged the champion Cynthia in a super ultra mega epic giga battle, and won effortlessly in five minutes. (Seriously what you were expecting after they were practically descended to hell and defeated a platoon of grunts alone?) And thus earned the title of champions.

And so Zamboni continued to fight with his team to defend the title, even finding the time to start a family in the meantime. After many years, they officially retired undefeated, and now Zamboni had began to travel the world with his beloved wife in search of new adventures.

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